"You're lying" you say like I ever really knew, like I understood simple questions, conveyed real emotions and proper perceptions.

"Little miss imperfection" he said it like it had any meaning to me; I was just caught living in-between breaths & blinks & butterf.l.i.e.s. Where I smiled and said ok, ok, ok, and yes here is my heart and soul, mix them together into a hamburger and enjoy."Would you like fries with that?" I ask sarcastically, splitting at the seams and tearing myself in two (but the boy just smiles)

That night I'm writing his name in the stars playing he loves me, he loves me not with bottles of beer and practised kisses on the bathroom mirror

Somewhere out there I think I'm writing a valentines card just for you (& hallmark,) Shaped like a heart, saturated in glitter clich├ęs & slurred words. But then i throw it into the fire & the flames burn, (burn like I told you to once, back when I believed in ever afters)

That night I hung my halo across his Bedpost writing


-In your skin