Summary: At the beginning of June, Adie graduated from LaGuardia high school. She was planning to go to New York University in the fall but things began happening that were unexplainable to her. A blind woman instructed her that she was destined to kill evil and save the innocent but she insisted she wasn't the one. The world she knew now was instantly turned upside down. She has to save people from being killed by Reapers but will she be able to do it alone? Will she be able to fill her destiny? Who is this man who comes and threatens her relationship, does he know what she does? The little hints he drops scare her. Will she ever confront him? Find out.


My full name is Adelaide Jane Latoya. Many call me Adie and I prefer it that way. I was adopted into the Latoya family when I was five years old. I lived in the Orphanage since I was a baby. My caretaker said I was left on the front stoop. I guess she abandoned me. I don't really care if I saw her as a got older but my heart wouldn't stop aching. If I did see her, I'd probably run away.

When I was growing up, I didn't have a lot of friends. I had a small group of friends during middle school and a ton of acquaintances. I was the quiet type and people assumed I was mute because I never spoke and when I did, I didn't speak more than five words at a time. I was withdrawn because of what I knew.

When I was ten, I was able to see thingsā€¦things that were real. I thought they only existed in books but they didn't. They were real. I even dreamed about them. They were scary things. They killed people. This was when I was more withdrawn from the world. I didn't want people to get close to me because I was afraid of them. I blocked the images that kept appearing from my mind. When my adoptive parents noticed my behavior, they took me to a psychologist. The doctor told me that I should take a form of self-defense if I was so afraid and that's what my parents did. They enrolled me into a karate school.

After a few years, my mood lightened. I was noticeably happier since the visions disappeared and I knew how to protect myself. I learned Krav Maga from my Sensei and Brazilian Jujitsu. My parents were relieved that I changed for the better. I went into high school and I was one of the top students in my class. Since I used my self-defense classes as an output for my anger, I was happier and more receptive to things around me. Even my friends who graduated middle school with me saw the difference in my attitude. They were happy that I became outgoing but I became brasher than I use to be. I guess it was because I had this talent to fight. My friends knew if they needed someone to be jumped, I'd be the one to do it.

My high school years drove by me so quickly I barely knew the floor moved. During my freshmen year, I met my first and only boyfriend, Dean Jonathan Evane. He was the most popular and well-adjusted person I've ever met. He wasn't just a jock but he was smart as well. I guess he was the guy for me. We've been together throughout or high school experience. Classmates would call us high school sweethearts since we were always together. Many people tried to split us up but that never worked. That just made our bond stronger. But I do have to admit; our relationship wasn't strong in the beginning. We got into harsh fights and we've broken up so many times but we've always gotten back together a few days later. We couldn't be apart from each other. Sounds sick, I know. Many think I wasn't good enough for him but he thought I was the best for him. His family always donated money to the school and helped out with fundraisers and whatnot. His family was rich, if you want to put it that way. Many girls were jealous of me and I couldn't blame them.

I'm planning on attending NYU with him in the fall and I'm even moving into his apartment. It's a great feeling to be with him but after my eighteenth birthday, things started happening all over again.