Chapter One

Chapter One

I stabbed him. The victim of my knife was a vampire trying to work his magick on me and I was the cloaked vampire Hunterr with a major temper problem. After I thought back on it I probably shouldn't have done that. I'm not one for regret. My motto was 'there is no time for regret; live in the moment'. Who would have ever thought his super hot brother, whom I had some major history, with was standing right behind me?

"That wasn't very nice, Aurora," Zoran Daylore whispered in my ear while I looked upon the fallen vampire wondering what I was going to do with him. His voice still held the same seduction as it had two years ago. His hands went over my arms in a soft caress. Zoran Daylore could make a girl forget he was kind to her worst enemy. "My sweet," he whispered as he drew his blade along my cheek to draw my blood.

For once in my life, I—proclaimed kick butt princess—stood frozen with out a sarcastic remark to shout out. A vampire was drawing blood from a Hunterr and the Hunterr was letting him do it. "You didn't let me finish the job last time, little one," he whispered.

I was one of the two survivors of his evil that had an affect on him. The other you will meet later. His name is Remiel and I have some history with him, too.

"Master Zoran!" Zoran's servant and bodyguard Alex called to the king of seduction breaking his spell over me. Two seconds was all it took for me to lay him on the ground flat. Too bad he dragged me down on top of him so I was straddling him. He grinned evilly.

"I didn't know you were that eager, sweetheart," he drawled in his Southern accent. I glared. Those amazing green eyes with gold flecks and muscular arms would not get me this time. To declare, something doesn't mean it does happen, boys and girls.

The short week I was with Zoran we didn't sleep together, which (trust me) put a major bruise on his huge ego. It pleased me to see he still had the mind-blowing attraction towards me. I was sure he had never felt something so tempting before. I sure hadn't.

He reached up and touched the blood on my cheek. Then he tasted it. My gray eyes widened as I watched him savor the sensation my blood made. Then I realized what it meant.

"I own you now." Zoran's whisper brushed over me like a feather. When a vampire drank a Hunterr's blood, the vampire therefore owned the Hunterr. The sharing of a Hunterr's blood with a vampire was forbidden. I was so dead. Good. Dead was fashionable these days or so I heard. I don't stay up on the trends. It was sickening to hear the complete and total satisfaction in his voice.

I struck him even though he had just helped me.

--my sweet--

Author's Note: Okay, the spelling of "Hunterr" is intentional since some people have problem getting that. Magic can be spelled "magick". Do some research on Wicca if you don't believe me. Daylore is creative spelling. People would say my last name is weird and probably spelled wrong. The names Zoran and Remiel exist. I don't know anyone named that, but they do.

This really should and could classify as a one-shot. It's something short and easy to read. Hey, if you don't like it at least it didn't take you long to read.