Chapter Five

Chapter Five

No sooner than they had arrived back at Zoran's Remiel was there. "Fooled you, bro. I can't believe you actually fell for it," Remiel remarked as he threw Zoran into the wall. Of course, Zoran couldn't retaliate because he promised he wouldn't hurt Remiel.

"I'll kill the girl," Zoran threatened.

"You will not touch Aurie again!" Remiel said. His knife fatally pierced Zoran's heart. He was dead. Both Aurie and Remiel looked at each other over his dead body in disbelief. Everything they had done, said, or thought since Aurie's first meeting with Zoran had been to get vengeance for their families' murders.

Aurie shivered. "That wasn't satisfying," Aurie said as she looked down at his dead body. Aurie thought it would be in her inexperience with anger and hate, but Remiel knew better.

Remiel hugged her closely. "It wasn't meant to be, baby. It was meant to be our world's justice," he whispered.

"Maybe I don't like our world's justice!" she protested.

"Honey, some times life is unfair. If life was fair Zoran would have never been changed and our families would be alive," Remiel stated gently.

"Does it even get any better?"

He stared into her eyes lovingly. He used the pet name that he had given her instead of Zoran. He had to get the words just right. "It has since I found you," he whispered.

Zoran's life was over and theirs was just beginning together.