A young woman with blue hair sat alone in a secluded area of what was known as the underworld. The purple waters weren't far away, but she was back far enough to prevent being seen (or so she thought).

Out of nowhere, she heard the voice of a small child.

"Sephonie," her voice chirped out "mommy didn't tell me you were here!"

The blue haired ice demon couldn't help but smile when she saw her younger sister Lenore bounding toward her.

"Hello there my little Angel," she spoke, quickly putting a block upon her emotions. She knew the young girl would know something was wrong, but she didn't want her to see the truth. She didn't want her to see that she had just gone through a nasty breakup, which ended in her girlfriend cheating on her, and she and a few other family members sealing her suffering fate within the pool of the damned. The child was far too young to deal with those sorts of problems.

"Hey…What's wrong Seph?" the younger girl spoke, but the ice demon quickly responded with "It's nothing lovely. I've just had a really long week."

Once again, the silver haired little girl spoke, "I know how to cheer you up! Lets have a tea party!"

This had grown to be her favorite past time.

"I'd love that my dear Lenore," Sephonie managed to get out before the young child grabbed her by the hand excitedly dragging her toward the palace that was in the center of the Underworld.

"Here it is! My bedroom. Let's go Seph!"

The demon laughed lightly at her sister's excitement and went into the room with her and sat down on the floor next to the child size table as Lenore collected the tiny plates and cups.

The two shared their moment together, Sephonie seeming to forget about the trouble that she had just experienced.

"I love you Seph," she heard, feeling Lenore's little arms wrap around her. "Everything is gonna be okay Sis!"

The blue haired demon smiled once more.

"One day my dear Lenore, it will be. I love you too Angel," she spoke as she wrapped her arms around the young child, holding her close. "I love you more than what I let you know sometimes."