Chapter Twelve: Hope

Matt's POV

Mikey and Mattie were okay. Hope wasn't. She was out cold and her head was bleeding badly. "Hope!" I summoned as I dug the rumble off of her. She was so small while lying there pale and unconscious. I panicked. She wasn't breathing. No. No. No. She can't die. I have to tell her. Think. Think. CPR. I did CPR.

She stared at me with startled eyes as they fluttered open. My lips were almost on top of hers. I kissed her before sitting up. "What happened?" Her dad came over.

"Ceiling tile fell and hit her head. She's fine now." I said while I prayed he hadn't seen me kissing her. Of course, any onlooker would have assumed I was performing CPR. Yes, I am a very bad person.

Hope's POV

I decided he was just giving me CPR even though it seemed more like a kiss. I still thought it over as Dritan, Deirdre, and I loaded up the car to leave for Harvard. My dad had never been so nervous in his life and you could tell. I hugged him. "I love you, Daddy." I whispered in his ear.

I waved bye to my brothers and hugged my mom. I turned to the car and slipped my sunglasses on in a cool motion. I was trying to look cool. I tripped and caught myself. Don't worry I made it to the car in one piece.

We haven't come up with a name for our band yet and Ravid still hasn't confessed he was gay to his dad. We're still waiting for Gideon to put the moves on Madeline, who was also going off to college with us. She was actually smart when she tried.

I blew a kiss as we drove to our newfound independence. This was our real test—being virtually on our own. Of course, I had hope. Don't forget to hold on to hope. And by hope I don't mean me.

Wish me luck. I think I'm going to need it.


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