A Fear That Can Rhyme

I hate it that you are doing well

Because you made my life an utter hell

But now someone new watches me fall down the well

You used to love to watch me drown in

I jump when I am spoken to

Because I'm afraid everyone is you

And I can't help but wish the past wasn't true

When my whole world is grey and blue

When I close my eyes to dream

I see your mouth that laughs at me

And when I try to run away

You chase me down like shark's prey

Then when I sit up in bed

Anguished thoughts of you fill my head

Thoughts of pain and of dread

Of words that are left unsaid

And when the phone rings, now and then

I fear it may be you again

And I screen the calls from my friends

Afraid to lose what might have been

Throughout the day in fear I live

Fretting because I am afraid to give

My heart away to those that could mistreat it

Never to trust, never to love

All my hopes now turn to dust

Because I cannot bring myself to feel it