Prey in Your Bed

Shut the door and take off that jacket

There's so much skin to be seen

Now that it's just you and me

I know you sat underneath
My window last night

And ran away when I came into sight

But you left a purple ribbon on the ground

Don't play with my mind

And please drive slow to a place where no one is around

Just hold my hand

Then drive me to your home
I want to be with you

In your car you've got your hand on mine

In your jacket with my legs crossed

A silly smile

I know what's happening and I just don't care

I wore my sexiest underwear

Because you've got the wheel

And I've got intentions
Intention to be

Prey in your bed

My mind's made up
It'll happen tonight
I'm giving up
On the good girl lie
I will prove you wrong again
Just because my mother says its a sin
Doesn't mean its not gonna happen
Again and again
So drive me slow
Kiss me fast
I really hope
That this will last

Drive me to a place where we can be alone
I'm all yours now
Fill the house with sound
Tonight I will prove you wrong again
My mother says that is a sin
But I can't help myself
Because I'm prey in your bed