"Just grow up! I wanted a partner, not a child!" He yelled sharply at me

"Are you sure that's what you want?" I couldn't stand the way he was looking at me, he was so mad, so sure.

"Of course I am" He wasn't happy, he was perfect and yet he wasn't happy

"Fine" I would become what he wanted, he would be happy. My head begged me to reconsider 'are you really willing to give up everything for this idiot? There's no fountain of youth you know, once you grow up, you can't come back, it won't be the same' the answer was simple 'For him? To finally be what he wants? Of course I'm willing, I'm more than willing. I don't care what it takes, I'm willing.'

"Good then" he was sure, so I became what he wanted

"What happened to you? You won't even talk to me anymore, you're so serious. You used to be fun" He was yelling again, he was sad, so very sad, I hated to see him sad. His perfect eyes entreating me to help him. To go back

"You wanted me to grow up, you were so sure."

"I want you back the way you were" he moved closer as he spoke, his voice getting quieter.

"There is no fountain of youth, I can't go back and it won't be the same" he couldn't see me here, he was looking at the me from then.

"Are you sure you can't?" He begged me.

"Of course I am. This is what I am now. I chose to be what you wanted, I wanted to be perfect." I tried so hard to be perfect for him, the more I grew up, the less happy he seemed. I must have been imagining things.

"But you aren't anymore…" he whispered.

A/N: Now, who can guess the moral of the story? This is just a little something that popped into my head, how you don't always know what you want and sometimes what you say changes everything.