Porcelain Doll Promise

How much is the porcelain doll in the window,

The one with the tears still wet on her face

As they fall from brown eyes that no longer see

The sunshine that breaks through the clouds?


I want to take her home with me today,

Set her on a shelf; she not for play.

I'll admire her both night and day

As I want nothing more than to

Protect her.


I am not a doll, but a young woman,

The one you saw in the window.

You took me home and treated me well,

Promised to protect me,

But I never knew what you were

Protecting me from,

Since you never let me out of the house.


Let me go away today,

I want nothing more than to get away,

Be myself and have my own say;

I feel who I am wasting away,

Though you promised you would

Protect me.