My Husband To be

"Your are to be betrothed to him, and please him throughout your lives."

That was what my father had for told me as of today. I would wed him. The man who was the richest of all the land, who only wanted glory, power, and women. It sickened me to think I shall endure him for the rest of my already unbearable life! The only reason they would promise my hand to him was that we were undergoing a money loss but what not a better way than to sell of your only daughter to a man who's worse than a bull?!

Huffing out in irritation, I could feel my body strain over the thoughts of the egotistic beast. My head was pounding by the time I finally calm down some as I faced the vast windows of the halls. Malicious clouds gather approximately about our property, casting the woods into darkness, and shunning the sun from its presence. Tickles and specks sprang down, dowsing the land with cool, crisp rain.

The rain seemed to cleanse the area, draining its sin away and leaving a brand new layer of skin. How I wished my sorrows could disappear like that. To just wash away in the downpour in the rainfall, but sadly fate won't let you, making you suffer with the dread and horrors of life.

Sighing, I see that the window was now was dripping with droplets of life, with my reflection staring back at me. My brown eyes stare dazed as my raven hair slid over my shoulder like liquid, gliding harmless when I'd turn or walk around.

Touching the glass, I look onward in the distance, wondering what mysteries lied beyond this non-existent place that I'm forced to call home. My family used to be so happy, peaceful, and above all, understanding.

But as time passed, feelings begun to change, and both my father and mother grew isolated from my life, usually sending a nanny to take care of my needs. Most of my memories showed a family that was always smiling and playing, but as I look at it know, I see scowls and dislike the fact of having a daughter.

You see, when I was born they accepted me, thinking that I could take over the land one day but when they found out only a man could control the money and land, they began to resent me. I wished I could just fly away, so I wouldn't have to deal with their foolishness and bickers about me.

I remembered when I had stumbled upon my father and mother arguing about my birth, words thrown in every direction as m mother pleaded with him. In her defense, she said she didn't mean to bare such horrible girl, that I was a mistake and she shouldn't be the one to blame.

At the end of the argument my father agreed with her, telling the woman that she was not at fault and I was the reason for their misfortune. After watching the sickening display of affection, I found myself weeping as I dashed to my room, not caring if they heard my sobs from a distance.

These thoughts replayed throughout my life, making me always think it was my fault. My distracted mind was interrupted when a hasty voice brings me back to reality.

"Kara! Kara Fang where are you!?" The voice was barely feline; it was more rowdy and almost hectic like.

"Yes, Lee? What might it be that the call for me?" I asked courteously, turning my full attention to a girl in a maid's outfit that at the moment was running towards me, her short, fiery scarlet hair was tossed about herself from her sprints through halls.

"Sorry to bother your thoughts but your betrothed, Henry Tyrant has arrived. He seems quit impatient to see you Miss Kara.." she bowed her head lightly, showing respect for me, which made me displease. Lee harmony was my good friend who I met when I was 10. We have been inseparable since then so my parents made her my personal helper or what not.

"Please stop with the formalities Lee, you know how I hate it when people call me Miss or Lady and you are my friend so please just say call me by my name." A small, but pleasant smile forms along my lips as she raised her head at my statement.

"I know Kara, but can one not find humor in ones dislikes?" She flashed a wicked smile in return, making me growl in frustration.

"Your vile, you know that?" At this her grin only increased in size, somewhat reminding me of a fox since she always had a trick up her sleeves.

"I know." she said simply, tossing her thin hair over her shoulder. "Now, what shall you do about your husband to be?" She words turned venom, not liking the idea of me marrying the man who almost raped her. He had caught her by surprised one night, when she was doing late night chores and shoved her into a closet. Thankfully she kicked him in his manhood and ran off, crying to me when she burst through my bedroom doors.

"If he tried that again, I'd bring a blade to insure his future is no more." Was what she said as we laughed at the joke, thinking about his facial expression if he could no longer get his way with women. The remembrance still appeared to be fresh in my mind, as if it just happened today. Chuckling slightly, I looked back to her eyes, seeing she was thinking the same as well.

"I...don't know Lee." I whispered in distress, breaking the silence that thickened with each passing minuet between us.

"I can't go against my family's wishes." I continue, drifting my head back to the soaked window, hoping Lee wouldn't notice my welling eyes. "You can't marry such a man Kara...he'll treat you as though you were dirt!" If I must marry him, so be it. My voice grew worn-out, almost fading into the pulsation sounds of the rain. I could sense lee was fuming, upset at my behavior for I did not care wither or not I marry the buffoon.

Lee did not stop though, and again tried to persuade me into not marrying him. "You know as I know he is not loyal. He'll put this family name to shame! I'm sorry dear friend, but I beg that you flee! He will only treat you like a servant-"

"A a servant Lee, so there will be no difference" I remark dully.

"A wife is not a servant, not unless she is married to a man who mocks her!" Lee caught me off as she spat on the floor venomously; her eyes stared heatedly at my petite form. She was right in a way; you couldn't ever be a slave to a man who loves you like you love him, unless he is not faithful.

Sighing at my own futile argument, I quickly change the subject hoping that lee would forget of my betrothed.

"Where are my mother and father?" I ask with a curious face, hoping she buys it, and she did thankfully as a smile graced her lips.

"Ah! Now that you mention it, they're in the library. Do you wish for me to get them?" Shaking my head lightly I begin to walk past the tall girl, showing a hint of my own smile. "No, I'll go to them later, I just need to know where they were that's all." With that final word, I slipped past her and walked down the gray, marble hallways that was crowded with paintings of the past.