Time to Die Dear

Keep your insane lies, lies away from me
I dont want to be infected with your dreadful disease
fake talking, deceiving
obviously your dreaming
I will never fall into a trap
as disastrous as that.
Dont play sophmoric games like this
with your pitiful, pitiful existence
pathetic, pathetic, PATHETIC
wrapped up in such silliness.
drinking this
slit throat disaster
drunk pills laughter
broken heart shatter
none of it matters
darling, and nor will it ever
same story over and over
repetetive, repetetive
i'm sick of this whole "scene"
fake people with fake screams
ripping apart girls dreams
your ohso mean, ohso mean
but think your all that
can fool anybody trick ANYBODY!
if thats true admit to me why
your always contemplating suicide
gone as far as putting the gun to your head
but realizing your too scared to be dead
cause you know your funeral will be silenced and empty
gone is the envy cause
gone is the enemy
you cant pull this on me
cause once again.
I'm so
emo scene