Dear journal,

I'm kinda nervous about starting 8th grade at a new school. Last year I was so popular and now I might not be. At least I made a friend on the computer. Her name's Kaye. I told her my name's Vanessa. She says she's going to this school so it helps to know someone I know is going to be there too.


Ashley shut her pink poka-dotted journal. It would be a long year. She had just resently moved across the country from Florida to Washington. In Florida, she had been popular. Now she had to start over with a new reputation and and friends. She doubted that there would even be one cute boy at the new school. To make a long story short, she'd rather jump into a swimming pool full of tomatoe juice that was infetsed with spiders then go to a new school. No. She would rather jump off a cliff then go to a new school.

Just then, her pink i-mac started beeping, telling her that she had an IM. Ashley dragged herself off her bed and across the room to see that the IM was from Kaye, the girl she had met over the internet.

hamsters.are.awesomeness: School's starting in 2 weeks. Who's your homeroom teacher?

Ashley typed a quick response. mrs hunt whos urs

Ashley waited for several seconds for a response.

hamsters.are.awesomeness: Watson. She's awesome. I had her last year.

She takes forever to type, Ashley thought, as she typed out a reply. wat about mrs hunt is she nice

hamsters.are.awesomeness: I've heard good things about her, but I've never had her. She supposedly gives kids ice cream on Fridays. dats gud i luv ice cream but wat about da ppl der r da students dere nice

hamsters.are.awesomeness: I guess that they're just as nice as everyone else. I don't know why they would be any more or less nicer. oh ok at my old scool i was really popular so itll be hard 2 start over and im a little worried

hamsters.are.awesomeness: You'll be fine. I don't really get how anyone cares about that stuff. But you'll be fine! Got to go, talk to you soon.

hamsters.are.awesomeness has signed off.

A/N- Me and my friend wrote this together when we were bored and had nothing to do. I'm not going to update until I get 2 reviews. I would love to know what you think. Constructive criticism welcome.