I know life is scary
It can really mess with your mind
But I am telling you baby
My love is all you need to find

I know you are unsure
Let me make it clear
The greatest thing in life
Is you being here

You know we are meant to be
This will only make our love stronger
So come back home to me baby
Don't make me miss you any longer

I love you
You are my life
I hope for the day
I call you my wife

I hope for little Alan
I hope for him to have a brother
You know you miss me
Our souls cling to one another ((for u baby))

So take your time to contemplate
Just come back home
I wouldn't know what to do
If you were really gone

Come fill my heart with your love
Heal my pain deep inside
Everything will be forgotten
I must change the tide

I want the perfect life
And a love that is true
But the only way to have it
Is to spend my life with you

So come home baby
Forgive and forget
People make mistakes
But our love will never quit