Chapter 1- Welcome Home Forgotten One

"Wow, this is the best grand opening ever recorded in history!" I, Stella Song, said sarcastically.

"I know!" My German best friend, Nina Schardinger, pointed outside. "I mean look at all of those people outside." She pushed her long, curly, blondish brown hair out of her green and blue eyes.

"You don't think they hate us, do you?" I cried while looking out at the crowd.

"Hey Nina, Stella," Ila Lopez, my Colombian best friend, appeared from the second floor. Her light drown hair and dark brown eyes shone beautifully in the light. "Did either of you flip that sigh from closed to open?"

I looked down at Nina and we asked at the same time, "Weren't you supposed to do that?!" Then I said to Ila, "I guess not."

Ila sighed and saw that neither Nina nor I were moving to get the sign. "Go do it you idiots!!!"

Nina began running around the counter. I, as lazy as I was, slid across the counter… where Lila Lafayette happened to be.

My face crashed into her long, blonde and brown hair. We fell onto the floor just as Nina appeared from the other side… She tripped over us.

"Jesus Christ!" Ila cried at our stupidity.

"Why isn't this place open yet?" A girl that looked in her late twenties glared. She flipped back her bleached brown hair to show even more of her pale while skin. "This isn't going to make business any better!"

"Well you coming to work late on the first day isn't going to make things better for you…" I snapped at her. Flames began to rise everywhere as my glare met hers.

"It's not my fault!" She turned and blinked a few times to water her pale brown eyes. "My mom wouldn't let me come until I got dressed properly."

"We're adults now! You can't keep blaming you mommy ab-"

"Can I open the door?" Ila giggled. "I won't mess it up unlike some others. Heehee, I'm just kidding Stella, Nina... kinda" She began to run towards the door while screaming "I love you" but instead of stopping at the door, she tripped on her feet and slammed into the glass door.

"Good thing we made the glass extra thick for a situation like this huh?" Nina laughed. Then she jabbed me in the side and glared at me.

I growled. 'Why am I always the one to apologize first?' I bit the bottom of my lip and sighed. "I'm sorry Ella. I didn't mean to snap at you like that."

"Let's go Lila before that fucked up Asian bitch attacks us again!" Ella ignored me and began to drag Lila away.

"I'll show you what a real Asian bitch is like you skanky whore." I mumbled.

"Somebody call for a whore?" Ila popped out beside me smiling.

I linked my arm with hers and sighed. "You're not a skanky whore Ila. You're a French whore. There's a difference."


"Welcome to Déjà-Vu Café, the first café made with you in mind." Nina began our speech.

Lila said the next part confidently. "Built not by one but four teens, it will be a home for all."

"Excuse me." A little girl squeaked. "You said four people made the café, but I see five people."

"You see her dear?" I asked pointing at Ella. "She's an old hag, not a teen."

"What did you say bi-" Ella growled but couldn't finish because Nina slapped her hand over her mouth.

"I said that even a cup of coffee at Déjà-Vu Café could magickly make you look only 18 years old." I smiled at the crowd. "So if you're looking for a friend to talk to or just great food to eat, come on over!"

Ila laughed nervously. I took us off the "script" so now she had to think up something. "We… love you so… welcome home? Heh heh heh."

After Ila finished talking, Nina and Lila started to drag Ella back into the café to show people where to sit. Ila went to the register to take the orders. I stayed outside to welcome everyone.

After a few minutes I began walking in to help the others. I opened the door but didn't go in. I turned around to make sure nobody was there. Then I made eye contact with a guy across the street. I didn't know how, but I could see that his eyes were green, that he had an emo cut with dirty blonde hair, that he knew me but I didn't remember him. I shook my head. 'How's this even possible?' I questioned myself. 'He should be to far away for me to notice anything.'

"What's going on?" I whispered to myself. He mouthed back to me, "Remember me forever." Then, he just suddenly wasn't there anymore…

I thought that I wouldn't see him ever again, but I was wrong… very wrong.

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