Chapter 2- New or Old, He will kill

"$2.50 is your change. Enjoy your iced coffee!" I smiled sweetly at a twenty year old looking woman. As she left, a guy that looked my age walked up.

"Welcome to Déjà-Vu Café. What may I help you with today?" I asked as politely as I could.

"Hey there," the guy looked down at my tag while leaning onto the counter, "…Stella. Aren't you a bit young to be opening a café? How bout you dump this place and move in with me?"

I laughed and leaned on the counter too. "How about you go get a life and earn some money first? I wouldn't want to live in a box." I glared at him and stood up straight. "Now if you don't want anything, please get lost!"

"Oh, but I do want something." He grinned and grabbed my arm.

I slapped him and growled. "Don't touch me you perv!" I tried yanking my arm away but his grip was to tight.

"How about you leave Stella alone before you cause any more problems?" The guy across the street suddenly appeared beside the guy.

"Mind your own damn business!" the guy growled. He tried punching the other guy, but missed.

"Look… a uhh… FLYING MONKEY!" I pointed outside to advert the guy's eyes

Nina had come out of the kitchen with a pan in her hand. She walked to the guy and smashed the pan over his head. He obviously fainted. The other guy that "saved" me picked the guy up and threw him out of the café.

"Thanks for the help." I smiled. 'Why does he look so familiar?'

He looked at me for a while before saying anything. "It was nothing. Besides, that's what friends are for."

"What do you mean friends?" I questioned. "Do I know you?"

Without answering, he began to leave. Whether he was a new or old friend… I would have never thought that he would hurt me…


"Yay, it's finally eleven o'clock." Lila yawned as she came down from the second floor.

"Did you remember to put the money in the safe Ella?" Ila asked as Ella came down as well.

"Of course I did!" Ella said. Her voice had I'm offended written all over it… "Do you not trust me or something?!"

"I do!" Ila gasped from surprise of the outburst. "I was just che-"

"Owwie!!" We all heard Nina's voice coming from the kitchen.

"Don't commit suicide Nina!!" Lila, Ila, and I cried out. "It'd be bad for the café's reputation!"

"Gee, thanks for the concern guys." She pouted while laying on the floor by a bar of soap and a shattered dish.

"That's so coming out of your salary!" Ella joked.

Ila was the first to start laughing. She grabbed her stomach and began to roll on the floor from laughing so much. Soon we were all laughing. I don't know if we were laughing at Nina or Ila, but who cares? We were having a good time… Soon, just having a good time would we so hard for us.

I sat up and wiped a tear away from my left eye. "I'll go get the broom."

"Second floor." Lila said while choking from laughing so much.

"I know!" I lied.

Someone's POV

'She doesn't remember me…' The same thought came into my mind again and again. 'Why does it make me feel sad? The fact that she doesn't know who I am makes things so much easier for me! But… she kept me sane. Not Dane, but her! Gah, I can't think about this at a time like this… I can't let her ruin what I've been working for. She must die no matter what!

'How else can I make Them approve? How else can I join them? Heh, Stella should have stayed with her friends longer .Well either way, she will die!'


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