she closed her eyes
he closed his mind
the drums began to beat

We were wrong, you and I.
We thought we were gods.
We thought we knew the ways of our world,
But it was theirs
When the drums began to beat.

his feet shackled to the Devil's red earth
began to move
her dark, maddened form began to sway
both arms lifting
raised to sweet life as the angels
Opened her voice.
he threw down his final attempt.

We saw our chance.
We changed the world.

her voice soared to meet his
To Steal his
his last breaths heard inside her whispered prayers
She fell.
He fell to the Devil's red earth.
As we stood on that earth
our world
And claimed the debt of blood.

but the drums…
yes, in the drums we heard our defeat
Because those drums, those drums

would never cease to beat.