The Music of the Spheres

This story has gone through many changes. I first wrote it a few years ago, then started revising back in 2005. For this, I would like to apologize. I am so incredibly sorry to my readers who made it to chapter six and never saw the ending to the story. At the time, I was very upset with the ending I had written – it was happy, but it didn't make sense with everything that had happened so far. It was rather pat, and I thought you would be disappointed, as I was.

2006 came and went with no inspiration (note: I can only write stories like this during the summer because I'm a study-aholic during the semester). 2007 dawned and I realized I could finish this. Or rather, I SHOULD finish this, as I've never properly finished a story.

That said, I hope you enjoy the following story. I tried to make it more understandable and less lofty-sounding. I'd appreciate your comments on the ending when I post it. I'd also appreciate your forgiveness for taking so long to finish – if "finish" is the right word. I may be editing chapters and reposting them even after this story is completed. Also, here's some of the original intro (I was so angsty and emo back then):

Why did I write this story? At the time, I was just having fun with language. Also, I had created the character of Ruben a long time before. His name has popped up in several of my stories that I have not posted. In fact, I wrote another story called The Music of the Spheres in which the main character was a real bitch and Ruben was a foul-mouthed, golden-eyed fighter with a fiery temper. I also wrote another one in which Ruben was a synthetic angel that gave a cynical girl hope. (No one may steal these story ideas because they are mine!!) In this version of his character, he became a perfect hero (a concept which I intend to destroy in The Arts of Fire). Some people are going to hate that. Fact is, I'm probably the only person who likes Ruben. Yeah, I love my little angel Rube.

Oh, yeah. Why I wrote this. I want to create the interactive story. While you read this, I recommend playing the song at the top of the chapter in the background. I'm going to illustrate this story one day, and I know how to make amateur books, so I made a cover for this story already and I have to finish the rest. This is the longest story I have ever finished. A nice mess, I think it. Maybe you'd enjoy the other version of this tale, but that one will never be finished, so it'd be a bit of a waste and a frustration to read. I hope you like the imagery; I tried to make it as pretty as I could to make up for the obvious confusion that will arise.

A few guidelines that may help you out:

When things are in present tense, that means that the characters are in a timeless place (namely Avalon). If things aren't in present tense, then the characters are in a mortal place where people may die. Also, locations switch often.

Please read and review, and I apologize for the long introduction. Also, I must thank those Fictionpress members that reviewed me the first and second times around. You don't know how much it means to me when people read what I've written!