The crow outside the window awoke Kam. His eyes wide open, he felt something was off in his room today, something wasn't right. He looked outside, taking note that it was cloudy. Although that could have easily been the reason why he was feeling distraught right now, he knew that it wasn't. He glanced around the room, his eyes falling on the empty bed.

Oh… shit. Vynn. Where is he?


Vynn was blindfolded, his hands bound behind his back, his mouth covered with something sticky so his lips were unable to move up and down. There was a feeling of abandonment and fear in his chest.

As soon as King Alaric had found him, he had grabbed Vynn around the wrist, his nails digging into the soft flesh, hard enough to just barely tear the tissue so Vynn was bleeding. The king was about to drag the boy down the stairs, but stopped when he felt a thick liquid surround his fingers. He looked at it, bringing the boy's arm up to his own face so he could take a closer look at it.

"You're… bleeding." King Alaric looked at Vynn's face, his grip not letting loose so the blood would keep flowing. "Can you feel it?"

Vynn lowered his head, trying to hide the pain and fear he knew he was showing. He nodded slowly.

That was when King Alaric laughed; the dog back into its full form, for the sense of sanity had vanished.

And now here Vynn was, being pushed towards somewhere he was not sure of because he could not see, ask, or feel.

The guard behind Vynn stopped and Vynn heard something creak right in front of him. The hand that was holding onto Vynn's arm was now gone, and the guard was grunting.

"Move forward."

Vynn did as he was told, and he could hear the grin the guard was giving.

"Ooh. You obey. The King will love you," he whispered into Vynn's ear.

And with that, the large object behind him slammed back into its original position. And now Vynn was sure it was a door.

"There you go, Your Majesty. He is ready to rock and roll." The guard left.

Vynn's heart dropped. He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder, and with ease it pushed Vynn down so he was on his knees. The floor was hard, and he knew that if he was going to be forced to have to sit like this, his knees would begin to hurt more than they already did.

"Good, Vynn. Do you understand what you did wrong?" Vynn heard footsteps circling around him.

"No, Your Majesty," he said quietly.

The footsteps stopped behind Vynn and a fist was pushed into Vynn's skull, hard enough that he ended up on his hands.

"In here, it's Master."

"…yes, Master."

This all felt too familiar to Vynn.

"So, you don't know why you're here?"

"No, Master…"

"Did Kam not tell you the rules?"

"He did, You-Master. He… he just didn't say anything about going out in the middle of the night. I mean, I heard something… something wasn't right. I was worried it was y—"

A slap to the face, followed by grabbing of the hair as Alaric forced Vynn's backwards. Vynn could feel the king's breath on his neck.

"You don't venture in the castle unless accompanied by someone, Vynn. You could get hurt. You could get raped. Something bad could happen to you. I won't let that happen to you. Do you understand? Do you understand?"

From what was free of Vynn's neck muscle, he nodded, and the king let go of his hair.

The hands trailed along Vynn's neck, up until they reached the blindfold's tie. He felt the hands untie it, and the blindfold came off. Vynn was in an almost exact replica of Dunham's dungeon… only this one had a lot more stuff.

"Turn around, Vynn."

Vynn did as he was told, and started to stand up, only to get punched in the head again. He whimpered, his head starting to hurt. That was two strikes in less than thirty seconds… and it was really starting to not feel good. "No. Remain on your hands and knees."

Vynn nodded, trying to swallow the lump in his throat, trying to make his face remain unchanged after the feeling of wanting to cry overcame him.

He crawled in a circle, and eyed the body of King Alaric which was currently covered in a red robe. A crooked smile was on his dark face, sending a chill up and down the spine of the boy.

"Now you may stand up. I want you to take off this robe."

Vynn stood up slowly and walked behind the king. He reached up and grabbed the robe around the king's broad shoulders. He slowly lifted it up and let it to slide down onto the ground.

The king shivered and turned around, allowing Vynn to see the manhood that was actually much larger than Dunham's. Vynn gasped, covering his mouth, hating himself for letting that come out.

The king laughed, his mouth wide open. He put both his hands on the Phyxeaus' shoulders and pushed him back down onto his knees.

"I have a feeling you know what I want you to do, Vynn."


The king snarled and hit the boy alongside the head again. "Master. You forgot master again."

"I'm sorry, Master," Vynn cried out, gnawing at his lower lip.

"Now open up. You need to learn how to suck off a real man. Dunham was nothing, just an ugly bastard that only got into power because he promised me he would be nice to Galen."

That's when Vynn started to cry. He was able to hold it in all this time but once Galen was mentioned…

"Oh, Vynn, I'm so sorry. I forgot about the death of your daddy. But quite frankly, Vynn, I don't care right now. So begin doing your work."

King Alaric grabbed a huge chunk of Vynn's hair and started pulling until Vynn yelped.

"You don't do as you say, and I might have to punish Kam for not telling you the rules. He knows better than this. You don't want Kam to be in the same position as you, do you? All the other slaves will hate you."

Vynn shook his head. He didn't want people to hate him. He wanted to be liked. He knew that they already didn't like him… but ever since he talked to Kam, he decided it was his goal. He wanted friends. He wanted people he could trust and people to trust him. He wanted people to take Galen's place.

So, Vynn opened his mouth slowly and closed his eyes, as if to show that he was unfortunately ready. The king replied to this, by shoving his member in all at once.

Thankfully, the king was not as cruel as Dunham. The king didn't force it all the way down Vynn's throat. Instead, he only went halfway so it just barely touched the back of Vynn's tongue.

When the King saw the look on Vynn's red face, he smiled. "I'll teach you how to deep throat it later, Vynn. Right now, I don't want you throwing up all over my cock. You'll learn… and you'll learn to love it, my precious."

The king groaned as Vynn bobbed his head back and forth. He made sure he was not teething it, he made sure he was using his tongue to make it even sound better. Within a few minutes, he heard a sound from the king's throat, and warm, chunky stuff went into the back of his throat. The boy released the king's member and coughed after swallowing it all.

"Mm. That was nice. You still have some improvement to learn though, Vynn. You'll just be as good as Kam, possibly even better. And you'll learn to enjoy it like him, too."


"Mm. Yes. Your roommate is a little slut. That's why I roomed you with him. So he can teach you. Although… now that I know what you can already do, I might just keep you here so I can be the one to teach you." King Alaric bent over and kissed Vynn on the head. "Goodnight, my precious."

Vynn hadn't realized it, but his head was on the ground already, his eyes half-closed. He was shutting down.

Before his eyes closed completely, he watched King Alaric disappear off into the cold, dark hallways of the dungeons.


By the time King Alaric reached his room, he noticed the door was open. He narrowed his eyes, and tied his robe tighter to make sure it would not fall off.

He walked in his room, seeing a dirty boy that he could barely recognize sitting on his bed.

"Kersten, get off my bed, you filthy bastard."

Kersten complied with a large grin on his face.

"Sorry, Your Majesty. I was just seeing if I could find Vynn in your room. But he's not here. You're not rooming with him? That surprises me. I thought you loved him."

The king snorted and went over to his bed, pulling off the cover that was now covered in dirt.

"He disobeyed my rules. Now he is in the dungeons, sleeping."

"You fucked him already? Wow. Horny bastard."

"Kersten, don't push it." Alaric pushed the covers onto the floor, implying that the maids had to wash it. He turned around and sat on the bed, scooting himself back so he was more in the middle. He patted the bed next to him.

Kersten's grin was wiped off. "Now's not a good time, Alaric. There is something I have to tell you. Your family is suing you."