The night was as cold.

It was as cold as the past week - but it was raining tonight, making the poor souls wandering the city feel the chill through their dreary clothing.

A man in a black fedora and suit waited atop a balcony. No one really noticed him as he tipped his pale face to the sky, rain seeping below the brim of his hat and onto his skin. He did not notice this minor unpleasantness. In fact, there was little movement from him at all.

For a long time, he did not move. People hurried around below him as the hours grew late until they became early again. Then, no one emerged at all.

He had not moved from his spot, still watching the sky, crying in its somber way.

His ear pricked slightly as he heard the sliding glass door pull open in the apartment next to him. A woman dashed out, laughing into the chill air. She was wearing a white top and underwear. She was young.

Without movement he observed her as she giggled and writhed, tickled mercilessly by her love, who had followed her outside in the rain.

Shifting slightly, he moved to the balcony facing them, resting his long icy fingers on the ledge.

There was some rustling as the woman tugged at her boyfriend's shirt, and he hers. The rain had already soaked through to their skin, leaving the couple shivering.

The man watched them. His eyes flicked to the clothes, but then locked back onto the woman. A sigh escaped his lips, it was an ancient and forlorn noise, made heavy by years of disappointment.

His hair was quite soaked at this point, the black locks smeared against his face in a distasteful pattern. He looked young, nearly the same age as the woman, but there was a nagging cynicism that seemed to seep from the air around him.

A small laugh escaped his lips as the couple began to kiss. It was too sweet.

Hopping over the balcony's ledge, the man landed quietly next to the couple, fedora cloaking his face in shadow.

The woman saw him first, breaking the kiss suddenly, and pulling the man close. But then, it was far too late to help either of them.

"W-who are you?" She stammered, quietly, breath still banished from the kiss.

It was so simple, that question. It evoked a smirk from the man in the suit.

"I am Layasi," He smiled still, as he walked to the couple and laid a hand on the bare back of the man.

A moment later the woman screamed, her love having grown cold on top of her. It was a breathless sort of scream that often accompanied the beginning of a horror film.

This was just such a night for a film, but Layasi was much more real than the creatures of fiction.

"It will be hard to move him, let me help you, love." Layasi purred at her, a quiet sort of noise. He extended his arm to her, smiling in a gentle sort of way. With the other hand, he tapped the dead man, causing the body to vanish into the air.

But now, watching the woman's eyes, an observer might have noted the odd transfixion that held her eyes to that of her visitor, or, how her breath quickened as he touched her delicate arm.

He pulled her to him, as if about to dance a waltz. It may have been a waltz, for all the woman knew. She was as complacent as a sheep at this point, staring blankly into his eyes, his spell capturing her gaze.

At that point, he took off his hat, wet hair mixing with her cheek as he kissed her briefly.

She, of course, did not kiss back, but smiled a smile which told nothing save for a glimpse into the retardation of her mind.

It was then that he laid a hand gently on her waist, cupping her small body to his.

"You do not have the luck that the next woman will have, sweet" He spoke in a sing-song voice, amused in an almost bitter way.

With that, he moved his head like a snake, tipping her neck backwards with his long finger, and kissed her neck.

What followed could only be described as the newspaper did the following day promptly at 7:00 AM.

A sad scene, the woman completely drained of life, but not blood. She was found at nearly six, completely naked, but not raped. Her boyfriend, who had reportedly stayed over for the night, was missing.

But she had not been Layasi's only victim that night.

She just happened to be the only one who was dead.