AN- this is a short chapter but I will write more soon. This part of the story is a little more darker, but not gory or you know, super creepy. It deals with ghost and stuff. Also if things don't fully make sense they will. I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Chapter 14- Longest day ever.

My phone is ringing. Honestly, with all that's happened all I can think about is my stupid phone and how its ringing. God, is that even my ring tone? Maybe Riley did something to it. That would make sense. I close my eyes and will the sound to go away. Its so far away anyway. I will never make it in time to answer it.

Two rings later and I realize I can't sleep. This isn't a comfortable position I'm in. Apparently, I'm upside down, just barely being held up. My eye's peel open and its dark. I can barely make out the shards of glass littering the floor. My head hurts and something is cutting into my back. God, this is not my day.

Tired of having all the blood rush to my head, I pull one of my heavy arms up and search for my seat belt. I hear a satisfying click before I body falls on to the ground. Usually, I would shout in pain because I just fell onto shattered safety glass and it cuts through my skin and jeans. Right now though, I'm too numb, too tired to notice anything.

I crawl out of the front window, ignoring the glass as it bites my skin. I reach the marble floor and with heavy limbs, try to stand up. There is a sharp pain in my leg but I ignore it. Instead I limp forward, trying to find something in this semi darkness. My phone is still ringing, but I don't have a hope for finding it if I can't see where I'm going.

Just as I think I'm about to hit something, I light flames up in front of me. Several other flames fill the room and suddenly I can see again. I'm in a foyer of the Ritler's mansion, which has collected dust over its gaudy furnishing. There is a double staircase, leading up to the second floor. My car is smashed and totaled, right in the middle of the room, with the remains of an old statue adding to the rubble.

As disconcerting as this is, its nothing compared to the fact that the doors are shut. Those doors magically opened up for me. I limp over and attempt to pull them open, but they're shut tight. I sigh and turn back around, trying not to panic.

My phone is still ringing, so badly it seems like it's screaming at me. I make a move towards it but hiss in pain as a sharp pain stabs at my foot. I look down at my feet and realize my shoes are gone.

Ignoring the stabbing pain in my foot, I crawl back to the car. I look for my shoes but they are gone, no where to be seen. Instead I find a bunch of old clothes my dad left in the back seat, a first aid kit, a lighter, and my school bag. I take the clothes, first aid kit and lighter with me and get away from where all the glass is.

First thing I notice looking at my self is why I was limping so badly. In my left leg is a huge piece of the windshield cut deep into my leg. Without any finesse I rip it out of my leg quickly, biting back a shout of pain. It starts bleeding so I open the first aid kit and tape a lot of gauze onto it.

Next thing to deal with is my foot. Taking the glass out of there isn't any easier and I bleed more but I quickly bandaged it. With my lack of shoes I tear up the old clothes and wrap them around my feet. I'm sure I have other wounds, especially the way my head pounds but there's not much I can do about it. I push the leftover clothes into the first aid kit and stand up.

I limp through the foyer, taking delight that the glass isn't cutting through my make-shift shoes. I push through the debris, looking for the still ringing phone and finally find it in between some rocks.

"Hello?" I say quietly into the receiver.

"Allen? Are you ok? God!… what the fuck happened?" I recognize Jorn's voice and sigh.

"I was in a car accident," I say calmly. Wow, I'm really fucked with cars aren't I?

"What?… Jesus, I'll call an ambulance or something…"

"Don't bother," I interrupt. "It won't do very much. I'm in Ritler's Mansion and I don't think I'm leaving anytime soon."

"Ritler's mansion?" Jorn repeats in disbelief. I nod my head, even though I know he can't see it. I sit down in a place without glass and look around. I can see the moon from a window high up and sigh.

"Jorn, how long was I out?" I ask. I hear him make a mutter of confusion.

"Uh, about fifteen minutes," He responds. I frown and look outside.

"But then, why is it dark outside?" I ask. There is silence on the other line. "Jorn?"

I don't hear Jorn's response though. Instead I hear music filling my ears, and laughter. I turn towards it and see a room next to the stair case with bright light spilling out of it. Jorn is yelling something in my ear, but the music… I stand up and walk towards it.

"Jorn, I'll call you back," I say and without me even turning it off the line goes dead. I should be worried but for some reason I'm not. I open the door where the light and music comes from but there's no one in there. I can hear laughing but there's no one in there. Instead there's a large table with thirteen chairs waiting. Unlike the foyer, this room is spotless, no cobwebs or dust in sight. Along the extravagant walls are religious paintings, and on the far wall is a giant grandfather clock, stopped dead at a minute to 13.

"…Why were we brought here tonight Grim?" I can hear on of the laughing voices talk in a soft, light hearted tone. "I know it has to be something big."

"Yes it definitely is big," A man's voice booms merrily over the music. I stare around the room but there is still no one there. "I'm certain everyone here will scream when I tell them what I've planned."

Oh shit, I do not want to hear this. I turn and run for the door but it shuts and locks before I get there. I strange feeling passes through me, like someone's cold icy presence was there before me. I feel panicked now. Ritler's mansion is famous. I remember the legend and it goes like any old legend. A hundred years ago, Grim Ritler had a party where everyone went crazy and killed each other. If that was what actually happened, I don't want to be in here.

"Grim, that clock is stunning yet it has an extra hour attached to it," A woman's voice chides in. I can hear boots walking by me and up towards the clock. The music is turned down.

"Yes that clock is a magic clock," Grim says. There is laughter. "I was told it exists in this time yet it arranges it differently. I thought it was a lot of hogwash but I was fond of it so I kept it."

I can still hear boots thumping on the marble floor. I back into the door, hoping I somehow gain the ability of intangibility in the next few seconds.

"You don't want to see," A small voice whispers right in my ear. I turn around but nothing is there. I start to pant, my heart pounding in my ears.

"Why?" I felt inclined to whisper back.

"You would see more then what's really going on," The voice is back and its in my other year. "You are like me. You would see the evil that really is this house."

The music, still jolly, sounds now sinister to me. Its that ironic piece of music that's so happy, it has to be foreshadowing something terrible.

"I kept this clock for now almost twenty-five years," Grim continues. "I believed it was just a pretty piece of art but I was so wrong." There is a pause and I assume Grim is looking for someone to ask a silly question or interrupt with mocking laughter but it is silent. "The clock has an interesting gift that comes along with it. It is the reason why at the age of fifty, I look like I'm in my late twenties."

"Oh come on Grim! You don't expect us to believe that is your secret?" A woman asks shrilly.

"Actually I do." The voice deadpans. I can see flickers of an image wave about in the air, in front of the clock. "And if any of you want to leave this mansion then you will find and bring the only alive person at this party."

"What are you talking about? We all are alive," An older deeper voice pipes up, loosing the good cheer and taking on a much more panicked tone.

"No your not," Grim says, a hint of wickedness in his voice. "All of you are already dead. It was decided the moment you walked through the door this evening." The flicker is getting stronger, only wavering but the figure still isn't complete. "Now who ever gets this person first will be allowed to leave this purgatory. So get ready… set… GO!" The voice booms through the dining room, creating a strong gust of wind. There is a sound of the music scratching off and all the lights turn off. Candles all across the room flare up, creating a little bit of light, just enough for me to see the figure on the other side of the table. Cobwebs magically grow on everything and dust and rot appear on furniture. My heart continues to pound in my ears as I sit there against the door. The figure on the other side of the table is smiling directly at me. He takes a step closer.

"Well I never thought I'd get a chance like this," He says coming closer and into the light. I see he has black hair and is wearing more modern dress style clothes. He has definite lines around his eyes and mouth, making me believe he looks like he's in his mid thirties. "I never thought in a million years I would get a muse in my company. I suspect I won't need any souls for a while with you."

"You're a demon," I state. Grim smiles.

"I'm not a demon. Just a human with a very interesting clock," He corrects. I have more nerve now, so I stand up.

"No you're a demon," I say and walk a little forward. "I can feel it on you. After having that clock for what? A thousand years." Grim's smile fades. "You are a demon."

Grim doesn't look amused. "Maybe so, but I'm the one who's going to live through the night. I guess that's the difference between me and a human." Grim sits down on one of the vacant chairs. "So I figure I tell you how this works. I mean, I do want to be fair at the least."

I frown at him and walk to the opposite side of the table. "How does what work?"

"You being here, this clock," He points idly around the room. "I did do this earlier but I failed and it cost me quite a bit of years."

"I can see that," I state and Grim for lack of a better term looks pissed. He narrows his eyes at me.

"When I start this clock up, our game will begin," He beings harshly. "Every hour, one of the ghosts of the people killed here a hundred years ago will rise and attempt to bring you to me. You will not be allowed to leave this house at all, but you can go into any room."

"Why? Whats with all the pretence? I'm right here so why don't you just kill me?"

"Its how the clock works," Grim responds and doesn't say anymore. He stands up and walks over to it, moving the hands so they start at a minute past. "The clock also doesn't work the same way in time so, truthfully we'll be starting at noon of the day you came in here." He points to a high up window where the moon is quickly disappearing and the sun is rising. "I suggest you use these next few hours on praying and finding closure. When I get you, you will be relieving these thirteen hours for the rest of eternity, while I take the rest of the life you were given to live." He taps the clock and a loud sound resonates through the room. The door unlocks and I immediately leave the room, dashing into the foyer. I stop abruptly when I notice my car is gone.

"Shit," I mutter and pick up my phone. The phone reads 0:01. I'm at zero hour and I have thirteen more to go. God, this really will be the longest day ever.