My Talent is Unique


I've just finished reading the Harry Potter book series and have to marvel at the imagination that was able to create such a masterpiece, just as in the past I have marveled the imaginations of Tamora Pierce, Nora Roberts (an amazing lady…more than two amazing books a year!), and many other writers who, through their talent and their abilities have been able to cast spells over their audience that keep us bound to their stories until the very end, and yet have us imagining what could have happened even after that.

Sometimes I wish I could write like these authors. It would be amazing to be able to sing-song a story that would keep someone's attention, and most of all, my attention, long after the story has finished. However, I have to remember that I do not have their writing style because it would never be mine, even if by some strange magic I was able to steal it for my own.

I just have to remember that I have my own talent and writing style. That is the important thing. Rather than lusting after another's ability to write, I have a responsibility to my own talent and imagination to keep developing my writing skills so that, in the future, I might have the ability to watch other young writers read what I have written and wish that they could write as I can.

That day will be in the future sometime, and while at times I believe I'm close, a close friend of mine once told me that I still have a mountain to climb. My writing is not where it could be and I refuse to let it rest until I am able to write that one masterpiece that will be the peak of my career. Of course I will continue to write the stories you are now enjoying, because it is good practice and they are at least halfway decent, and I personally have fallen in love with my characters and think they all deserve to have their stories told. Meanwhile, I shall embrace my own abilities and continue writing.

These are just thoughts I have regarding writing...feel free to comment on them, as I will continue posting whenever something intrigues me. I hope some of them will inspire you to continue writing as well.

Lunisa K. Moon