There are many kinds of magic. It can be elemental, or spiritual. It can be strong or weak. It can be easy to access, or elusive to the pursuer. It can be born of happiness or it can emerge from heart-felt sorrow. It's a means of escape, or can lead you to be found. It can be light or it can be dark…oh so dark…

Most of this magic is well-known and talked about. Libraries have pages full of it and yet, the most amazing type of magic, other than life or faith, is right under our noses and the instruments are the pen and the paper. Actually, the only equipment necessary is the imagination.

This is the magic of storytelling and one who has served generations behind one's art must wield it carefully. Stories, woven well with words and fresh open minds can bring a person to tears or to their feet, or to lean forward, helplessly bound in the art. It is also a drug that slithers and swims through the body, demanding and rough at times, creating pain and illness in the untrained body or it can be sweet, floating like day-lilies, their sweet fragrance compelling the soul to sing their song. Once recognized and used once, the storyteller is themselves addicted.

To not write is to not breathe. It twines itself through, around, and into the storyteller's very being. Try to separate them and you may kill the essence of its vessel. The magic takes over, sprouting words, descriptions, whole world's or pages once white and eager for fresh ink.

Through the writer's hand must cramp, the spell keeps them going until the last phrase is written. Then, and only then, is the magic satisfied enough to go into slumber until it is ready to control once more. In its absence will lay a writer, its vessel, hungering for its return, having discovered the power of seeing words race across the page, of seeing faces light up in joy or in sorrow, whichever emotion the story begs from its listeners.

Like all magics, this one must be cultivated, shaped and formed, encouraged, tamed, let free, but never restrained, and most of all practiced. With practice, it can become a great magic and the storyteller the magician.

For many, sparks of this magic lay dormant or are occasionally coaxed into a weak flame. For others, it is as wild as a forest fire. The goal is a roaring bonfire you can mold. However, it is also one of those magics that must be let free to run wild on occasion. There are those who say that the pen is greater than the sword, but is that really true? It is only greater if you have the magic and are well-versed at using your imagination…then you are invincible.

Next time you sit in a library or anywhere with a book, you have in your possession the product of a great spell. So read, and prepare to be spellbound.