A/N: Hey again! This is just a lemon I wrote to show someone up. xD My boyfriend wrote the original story line, so I stole the names and wrote it MY way. :D Hope you like it.

Rated ALL THE WAY for sex. Don't read if sex or anything sexual offends you.

Honeymoon Night (One-shot)

Erin and Xavier had been a happy couple for several years now, and today sealed the day. It was the end of their girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, and the start of a new life, where the two young lovers were to be wed; a day they would never forget; vows they would never break, so long as they both lived. Cheers broke out as they said "I do", a phrase that renounced their love for each other, and as they took that passionate, yet so special, kiss, they knew they would never separate. After the ceremony was over, they rushed out to the limo, awaiting to take them to their lush honeymoon suite in California, laughing and trying to escape the grains of rice being thrown upon them. They wanted nothing more than to be alone; to have their honeymoon night. Erin had been awaiting this night, as had Xavier. After being together for 3 years, the couple longed for each other in ways they hadn't allowed earlier. The couple had done things before, pleasing each other, but they had never gone all the way. Erin had never been with a man before, at the tender age of 20. Xavier had been in other relationships, but he had long decided he was going to save himself for just the right woman. Erin was this woman. And he knew he would last for her. Even though it was his first time, he WOULD last for her. He had no doubts, and he wasn't scared because he knew no matter what, Erin would love him without a doubt.

The couple finally arrived at their house, grabbed their things, and made their way back to the limo. It was a long drive to California, but they would have each other's company. They had made sure to get a limo with a glass panel in between them and the driver, so as not to disturb him. Of course, it was more the other way around.

By this time, they were about ten minutes away from their suite. Erin had fallen asleep, and although she longed for her husband, it had been a long, exhausting day, and she couldn't keep her eyes open. Xavier knew that she was tired. It had been a long day for him, as well, but he kept himself awake by watching her, letting his eyes trail down her form, and occasionally allowing his being to be filled with pure love. He couldn't wait to please her. Perhaps it was good that she had fallen asleep. She would need her energy.

At this point, he couldn't keep his hands away from her any longer. His need grew the closer they got to their beach-side suite, and his hand drifted to her soft skin. Luckily, she had changed out of her cumbersome gown into a soft, silky nightgown. She always aimed for comfort. Beneath the nightgown, she wore a pair of matching silky pajama bottoms. The silk clung to her form and brought out every little detail of her body. It drove Xavier crazy just looking at her. She was so beautiful. His hand stroked her milky-white skin, moving from her arm to her cheek. Being a light sleeper, Erin moaned something undetectable to Xavier's ears, and stretched. She moved a little bit, and slowly opened her emerald-green eyes. A small piece of her long walnut hair, still curled from their wedding, fell into her face, as the rest of it was fanned out behind her. She looked up at Xavier. He could see the need and remembrance there, and as she stared into his eyes, his hand moved down her arm once more, skimming the side of her breast. She noticed the small innuendo and giggled quietly, gently grabbing Xavier's hand from her hip, and placing it back onto her breast. She wasn't wearing a bra, so Xavier could easily make out the shape of her luscious breast and slightly hard nipple. As he touched this place of hers, she closed her eyes and let out an almost inaudible moan. Her need enveloped him, and he almost couldn't breathe.

At this point, they reached their beach-side suite. It was a good sized house, actually, right beside the ocean. They arrived at a perfect time, because the sun was just setting, and it cast out orange-yellow rays across the wavy water, and the sky was all kinds of shades of orange, purple, blue, and yellow. As Xavier helped Erin out of the limo, they could hear the waves crashing against the beach, and smell the scent of the ocean water.

The house beside the beach was secluded away from the busy city of Los Angeles, and it was almost like their own little island. The beach was a private one, protected on both sides by large palm trees, and barricades of rocks, but the plot was still a good size, and you would have to walk a good thirty minutes to get to either barricade of rocks. Erin smiled at Xavier, reading his mind completely.

Not too long after, they had all their things in the beach house, and the limo was gone. Someone had left their car there at the house, so they would have a way to reach home again. Erin had decided to take a nice hot shower in the huge, sauna like bathroom in the house, and as she stood in the steaming water, it ran down every contour of her body, relaxing her completely. It felt so wonderful, that she never wanted to leave.

Eventually, she got out, wrapped herself in a towel, and began to walk to the kitchen to get something to snack on before she went down to the beach to gaze up at the stars. But as she exited the bathroom, she gasped at what lay before her. The before empty bedroom, elegant, but empty save for the bed and furniture, was now covered in candles and rose petals. The bed was covered in maroon silk sheets, rose petals scattered against them, and on either side of the elegant bed, candles lit the scene. The candles were her favorite scent, wildflower, and she took in a deep breath whilst taking it all in. The lights, though on, were dimmed so that the candles could shine, and it almost seemed as if they weren't on at all because they were turned down so low. The long silk curtains were drawn back, giving the room a beautiful view of the full moon over the ocean and the stars. And lastly, something she can't believe she hadn't picked up on before, was the music playing in the background. She had no idea where it was coming from, but it was playing so softly that it was almost like a lullaby, calling her to sleep. The melody seemed to be a saxophone, accompanied by a small band, playing a smooth, sensual tune that seemed it might never end. She didn't know what to do. It was all so beautiful, and she just stood there, taking it all in.

Suddenly, the door opposite the bed, creaked open, revealing her newly wed husband, giving her a loving, yet lustful, smile.

He noticed she hadn't gotten dressed yet, and felt his member twitch with the need he had felt before. She was so beautiful and oh so sexy. He wanted to take her right on that bed he had fixed, and he had full intention to do just that.

"Hey." he muttered, taking one step toward her.

"Hey." she smiled, knowing he had done all this for her. She had to repay him, but she didn't know exactly what to do, so she just stood there. She knew what was coming next, and she felt her sex throb behind the towel with a feeling she had never quite experienced before. Of course she was scared, but she was excited as well. She was going to please him. She was going to make him scream her name. And lastly, she was going to give all of her being to him, and no one BUT him. And all at once, she dropped her towel, exposing herself in all her beauty to him. She wasn't scared, nor shy, and although they had messed around, he had never seen her before. Not like this. Not aroused and wanting every part of him. She had waxed the day before. Every part of her was smooth and silky, just for him, and she was totally confident in her looks.

He couldn't believe what she had just done. There she stood, completely naked before him, all hers, and oh God was she so beautiful. He was shocked, and stood there, taking her all in. This was a first, and he let his eyes trail all over her body, from her tall, delicate shoulders to her perk, soft breasts, down to her tummy, and finally, over her delicious sex. He had to keep himself from pouncing on her right then.

'Remember,' he thought to himself, 'keep it paced. You have to please her to absolute ecstasy.'

He took another step towards her, and than another, and another, until they were wrapped in a passionate embrace sprawled across the bed. They kissed, lips coming to meet each other's over and over, very slowly and lovingly. Erin opened her mouth to meet Xavier's tounge, to let him explore her, and to taste him. He tasted of cinnamon, probably his toothpaste, and she loved the taste. They kissed like this for a while longer, before Erin stood up, taking Xavier with her, and began to declothe him. He still had his tux on, and it took her a while to take off the jacket and pants, while still kissing him. Eventually she stopped, giving her full attention to getting his top off. Once that was gone and tossed to the floor, she began taking his belt off, next his pants, which left him in nothing but boxers. She had never seen him, either, and butterflies flew in her stomach when she saw the huge bulge under his underwear.

He could sense her nerves, and removed her hands from him.

"It's alright, dear. We can take our time. It's just you and I tonight. Don't you worry about a thing."

Her heart swelled. She looked into his dark brown eyes, and ran her hand through his curly dark hair. It was so soft and she pulled his head down to her shoulder, burying her nose into his hair. It smelled of wild flowers as well, and she smiled at how thoughtful and loving he was.

"Thank you, Xavier. I love you darling."

He pulled away from her, and brought her close to his chest in a loving embrace. He kissed her forehead, and backed away from her an inch or two. He brought her hands to the brim of his boxers.

"Are you ready?" he muttered, kissing her forehead again.

"Yes." she smiled up at him, and knew she was.

She began to pull the underwear down over him, and it stuck on his length. She pulled it out slightly, and managed to get it off this time. His hard manhood instantly pushed out of the cloth, bouncing into place at his waist. She gasped at it's size and width, and Xavier laughed quietly to himself.

"It's okay hun, I'll be gentle."

She gulped and nodded. She knew he was right, and knew it would be alright.

He began walking forward, gently pushing her over onto the bed. She giggled as he playfully bit her earlobe.

"Rawr." he whispered in her ear. The sound sent shivers down her spine, and she moaned out loud. Xavier worked his way over her body, kissing every inch, working his way up to her hard nipples. He ran his tounge over the tip of her left nipple, and she squirmed under him, a moan coming to life deep in her throat. He gently bit down on the nub, making it grow harder and firmer. Her body grew stiff under his, and she must of felt his dick grow ever harder at the sensation of her lush body beneath his. He moved to her right breast and worked his magic on that one, as well, all the while her body growing stiffer and stiffer until he didn't think she could stiffen any more. She needed him, and he knew. But he wasn't done teasing her, yet. He wanted to make this last all night, and it was going to. He eased off her, feeling her loosen up a little bit, but only to stiffen back up as he brought his fingers down to her wet pussy. He drew her lips apart, taking in the scent of her need. He had never seen her so wet, and as he gazed upon her womanhood, he flicked her clitoris with his index and middle finger. This made a moan rip from her throat, and with that, he put the tip of his index finger right inside her pussy. She instantly stopped moaning, and let out a little gasp. Slowly, oh so slowly, he pushed his finger deeper inside of her. He could feel her warm, dripping walls grip his finger for dear life, and he felt her squirming.

"Oh baby. You feel so good down here. I can't wait to be inside of you..." he let the sentence brush the air, and she moaned even louder when he said this. Her walls gripped his finger harder, and as this happened, he inserted his middle finger into her, as well. She was so tight and for a split second he wondered how he was going to last inside of her delicious sex. He quickly located her G-spot, rubbing it slowly and gently. He wanted her to last, as well.

Erin had never felt something so spectacular in her life. Xavier had touched her before, but never like this. Never with this passion. She felt his hand inside of her, and she longed for so much more. She was growing so hot inside, and she needed him to take her away.

"Xavier..Oh God..." she panted, "Xavier..I need you baby.."

With this, he couldn't hold back any longer, and moaning himself, removed his fingers from her sex. He picked her up, and laid her in the middle of the silk-covered bed. He hovered over her, smiling and looking into her eyes.

"Are you okay? Are you ready?" he asked her.

"Oh yes baby. Please. I'm so ready for you." she moaned, kissing his neck, and letting her tounge run over his skin. He picked up her butt, positioning himself over her pussy, preparing for entry. She gazed up at his handsome body, his tone muscles, and was amazed at how gentle he was being.

"Okay babe, here goes..." he whispered.

He put the tip of his erection at her lips, feeling her wetness and warmth radiate from her body. He moaned at the feeling, and wasn't even in her yet. He pushed forward slightly, letting the very tip of his dick push through her lips. He heard her let out a little gasp, and pushed in a little further, making sure to go slow and gentle. He was only a quarter of the way in when she yelped out in pain. He stopped and looked into her eyes. She was hurting.

"Are you okay baby? Should I stop?"

"No..It's okay Xavier. Just be gentle. I love you..."

So he kept going, slowly, letting her walls grasp his throbbing sex. She was so tight and warm, and his dick throbbed with the feeling. Never had he felt so amazing in his life as he did now. She yelped out again, and he knew he was penetrating her virginity.

"Xavier, take me! Oh god, take me now baby!" she screamed to him.

And with that, he thrusted forward hard, and then, he was hers. He broke through her innocent barrier, and she belonged to him. He quickly withdrew his throbbing cock, and dipped deep inside her again.

"Oh God Erin. Oh!..." he moaned loudly. She felt so damn could. He didn't know how he was going to last.

Erin could feel Xavier all inside her. She felt completely filled up, and once the pain was gone, he felt so wonderful inside her. He thrusted in and out of her pussy, and every inch of her was on fire and tingling. In and out, in and out. He slowly picked up speed until he was making love to her passionately. She moaned and moved with him, their bodies the same now. He could feel his penis throbbing inside her body, and suddenly, a powerful orgasm burst out from inside of her. But Xavier kept going. He was nowhere close.

Xavier, staying inside of Erin, picked her up, carried her to the wall, and pushed her against the foundation. He continued making love to her, his thrusts growing faster and faster. His erection throbbed inside of her, and he knew his was going to cum soon.

Suddenly, Xavier pulled out of Erin, leaving her panting and moaning.

"Oh baby! Don't stop! Oh God don't stop! I need you!" she moaned in confusion and frustration. Xavier laid her down on the bed once more, his mouth coming to her sex. He inserted his tounge into her pussy, tasting a mix of her need, and his. He lapped at her sex, hearing his lover moan out in utter ecstasy. His hand went to his cock, working from the base to this tip. He continued to eat her pussy while masturbating himself. He moaned when his orgasm broke, shooting hot cum all over the satin bed sheets.

"Baby!" Erin moaned, even more frustrated. He stopped licking her, looked up into her eyes, and motioned for her to be quiet. At this, he picked her up, and rushed out of the house, grabbing a two towels.

Erin was completely confused, as she lay in Xavier's arms, moaning and panting, completely and utterly needing him. She began kissing his chest as he made his way from the house down to the beach. Erin gazed up at the moon and the stars, realizing he was taking her to the beach. Xavier somehow managed to place the towels down on the sand, and laid Erin down on them. He began to kiss her again, and her body began to get hot and tingly once more. She moaned at his lips on her body, and he lifted her butt and entered her with his newly found erection. This one was even harder than the one before, and Erin moaned even louder, for the minute he entered her, she climaxed. They were both covered in sweat as Xavier pounded into her, letting loose this time. That's what she wanted, and they both knew it. They let go and made love like two animals. Erin was mesmerized by the rhytmatic beat of Xavier thrusting into her. Her whole sex throbbed, and she screamed out as she climaxed again, spilling her juices all over Xavier. Her hand found her hard clit, and she played with it while Xavier continued to thrust hard and deep inside of her. Their moans became one as Xavier screamed out Erin's name, and Erin did the same. And all at once, as Xavier let out a moan that made Erin weak, he broke and spilled his seed into his lover. It was the most wonderful feeling Erin had ever felt, and as Xavier rolled over, he left his throbbing penis inside of her, until it drew back and pulled out. The two lovers cuddled for a while, gazing up at the stars, loving each other completely. Xavier laid his head on Erin's breast as she ran her hand through his hair in a loving gesture. Xavier nuzzled her breasts, kissing her on each one, and then on the forehead. He looked deep into her beautiful eyes, and told her how much he loved her. The couple lay there on the beach, wrapped in each other's arms, and before Xavier drifted off to sleep, Erin kissed his cheek, and whispered, "I love you, too..."