Heres a story about sexual revenge, its based of the song Centerfold by Pink.

Kitty kneeled on the ground, her hands clutching her breasts, the black bra hidden behind hands. Her skirt rode way up. The picture was snapped, she moved shifted, striking sexual poses over and over. Music blared in the background but she payed no mind. She felt…dirty but it felt so good. This was revenge. Yes revenge.

Cole glanced up and down the aisle before reaching forward and grabbing 'Playboy'. He bought it up at the cashier. The cover girl looked familiar but he couldn't quite place it. He snuck the magazine past him mom and brother and ended up in his room, the newest issue of 'Playboy' open in his hand. His eyes widened at the image of a pale copper haired girl in a lace bra and tulle skirt with combat boots. That girl he knew. Knows. That was Kitty, his high school friend. She wore black eyeliner and a dark purple eye shadow; her Silver green eyes were venomous. Passionate. Pale pink lips and her hair was half pinned up, flowers adorning the hair. It scared him. For the next few pages it showed different poses of her. Then a quote she wanted put in.

"This is as close as you'll ever get." He could see her normally slightly chapped lips saying this. Over and over and over and over. The magazine was thrust to the bottom of his school backpack.

Monday approached and he went to school with full ideas of confronting her. Sure enough their she stood in a baggy Avenged Sevenfold tee-shirt, a Slipknot sweater and loose black jeans. The magazine was tugged from his bag and he thrust it out to her.

"What the hell is that Kit?" He asked.

She ignored him and kept talking to Lily. Lily got the idea and didn't let the conversation drop. Cole was angry she was ignoring him.

"Kit, why did you pose for playboy?" She turned to him and smiled.

"Cause I wanted to reinforce something."

"What?" He asked

"I wanted to reinforce what you could've had. That's as close as you'll ever get. Tempting huh?" She gave him the same venomous smile she gave the camera man. He was shocked. This entire thing was about him.

"So you posed half naked?" He retorted

"I did what I wanted." She responded fluently.

"With your shirt off" He snapped back.

"You like it" She hissed.

"And what if I don't" He hissed.

"Then you're lying." She smiled.

"Fuck you Kitty" He glared at her.

"You wish" She seemed to keep her cool the entire time.

And then he tossed the magazine to the ground and marched off in a huff. Kitty sat back down and picked up her convo with Lily, Annie wasn't there yet.

Kitty picked up the mag and looked through it, glanceing at her photos.

"I kinda like this career choice." Kitty mummered.

"No prostitution." Lily smiled.

"Prostitution?" Annie asked stepping in.

"Yes. I got revenge."