Author's Note: This book is a companion to "The Scepter of Light," which basically means that it goes with that book, but it doesn't really matter what order you read them in. There are books that follow these, however, that should be read in order. This one's a bit long, but it's really an epic, so it had to be long enough to cover Mika's whole life. I hope you enjoy it. It's one of my favorites!

Also, each "Part" starts with a letter. These letters are ambiguous (for a reason) and really just serve as intros to each part. M.T. is the main character, Mika. Sorry if this was a bit confusing!


Part One

A Moreland

Dearest brother,

I was sitting at my bedroom window last night, staring at the pale light of the moon in its final stages of recycling into darkness, when a thought occurred to me.

Nothing lasts forever.

I, of all people, should know that death can come swiftly, whether by one's own hand, or by the hands of fate. Although I do not believe my time will come for years yet, I have a burning desire to make sure that I live on even after death. I have no wish to be a legend—though I am certain you will argue, knowing I have often modeled myself after my own favorite storybook heroine—but I would like for my family and friends to know my story and remember me after I am gone.

It would not be fair of me to include only my fondest memories, or even my memories alone. I must beseech those who have played significant roles in my life to contribute their own thoughts on certain events. As for that one dearest woman whose feelings I cannot employ… well, I believe I knew her well enough to guess her thoughts. You will simply have to trust in my judgment.

I do hope you enjoy this accounting. If nothing else, it should provide you and your wife with a great deal of entertainment over the coming weeks. Feel free to offer any suggestions—or corrections—as you see fit.

Love always,


By the way, I have begun my tale some years into my life, as the first ten years were rather monotonous and painful…