To You

To you,
You know who you are
You know what you did
And what you didn't do

To you,
You know it was you who changed
You know it was you who stopped my heart
(from beating the way it had before)
No longer in any rhythm or pattern
Or anything predictable

To you,
You know that you hurt me
You know that you gave me nightmares
You know that you
Made my cry.

To you,
It's to you that I write
To you that I scream
To you that I pray for
To you

To you,
Yes, to you
This is my tribute

To you who lied
And thought that because no one was looking
It was okay
Well, it wasn't okay.
And neither am I
And all of my sorrows
And poetry
Are tributes to you,
My darling
(my devil)

This is my last letter
My last good-bye
To you.
To you, my (ex) friend.