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Just A Day

Ugh, it was finally the end of the day. I was glaring at the clock, and if stares were deadly it would certainly be incinerated by now. Ten seconds until 2:35. After hours of cramming AP U.S. History, Honors English, and five other horribly long and boring classes into my head I just felt like going home and reading a good book, or driving my friends crazy, whichever came first.

As I was saying, the bell finally rang and the herd of brainwashed cows that don't ever think to change their everyday routine of walking from one class to another on the exact same path that I call my pears rushed out of their classes. I had to fight my way around macho guys pushing each other, hold in my gagging at the site of way to much PDA, duck under clouds of perfume, hairspray, Axe, and body odor, before I was finally able to reach my locker.

Not that it was impressive in any way. Navy blue metal or it might be green, I can never remember. Weird, I know, sophomore year in high school and I still can't keep locker colors straight, maybe the blue is Brittany and Josh's locker color. I don't know why they share a locker; everyone has their own, with the creation of a third high school in our district there are many extra lockers. Maybe it's just because juniors are crazy, you never know. Or, more likely, its because Josh is to lazy to go to the office and get his combination and move out of the locker of the girl he likes but will never get.

High school is a place that I don't really like. It's full of people who make friends so they can use them, and string poor sappy guys who have a crush on them along, thusly resulting in some obscure psychological damage that will pop out in a visit to a shrink during a midlife crisis that came twenty years too early. Suffice to say, I think I'm a little pessimistic about the whole angsty teenage experience of high school. It is abhorred right now but later in life we're supposed to look back and think how wonderful it is. Oh gag me, life all leads to death so it doesn't matter what we accomplish as long as we do what we want (and don't hurt too many people on the way).

I just noticed that each paragraph gets a little bigger as I go on. I should probably get back on topic, especially after writing two paragraphs that don't have anything to do with what I originally sat down to write. I was walking down the hall, ducking, gagging, and dodging when I finally got to my locker. I stood there staring at it for a second thinking about the homework I had to bring home that night when the thought hit me that it might be helpful if I actually opened my locker so I could get my books out.

Next to me James had opened his locker. His foofy mop of 80's hair nodding to the rock music that was without a doubt coming out of his iPod. He looks like one of those stereotypical punks that you would skip class to go hang out behind the gym to smoke a joint with all of his dope buddies. Don't get me wrong, he isn't too much like that. He's in a band but he was in my Honors English class last year and he's a wonderful writer. Brilliant really. He has a fascinating way with words, especially when he's wailing the injustices of the government.

As I was pulling out my Advanced Algebra and Geometry books (yes I know, how stupid or bored does a person have to be to take two math classes in one year) when all of a sudden, "Fucking A!" pops out of James's mouth. Now I, being the sarcastic person that I am pop out with, "So James, you'll say fucking, but not asshole? How conservative of you." On the other side of me Matt had walked up to his locker, heard what I said and his mouth quirked up into a smirk.

James just looked at me with a grin as if to say 'so what', grabbed the guitar out of his locker and walked away. How he could fit a guitar in there in the first place was the question, the bottom half of his locker is crammed full of stuff that is forever growing larger. At the end of the freshman year, he had so much junk crammed in there that I was afraid his locker would explode. I wonder if it's going to get as bad this year, hopefully he has grown up somewhat.

After grabbing my Lit book, I closed my locker and followed him. Not that freaky, stalkerish type of following. I was heading towards the Commons area at the north end of the school, where lunch is served. It's also the place where the people without a car or a license get picked up. When I got there I could see my large and faintly strange group of friends waiting. I'm not really in any set clique, I have friends of every type and every grade. We all sat there and acted like idiots. Well, me most of all my extreme hyperness just pops up out of nowhere and freaks people out. I tend to go a little crazy, not caring much what other people think about me. Ha to Britt's mom, who got the impression that I had low self-esteem, in the short amount of time that she met me.

I saw my mom pull up outside so I said bye to my friends and bounded out the door like a woman on crack, only to run back in to grab my backpack and coat. When I climbed in the gray truck my brain decided to ponder why society puts forth a social order that is never really followed but that when it is formally crossed people blow up about it. Like when a guy can date a somewhat nerdy girl and no one will really care but it a socially high girl dates a guy low on the stepladder, it turns into a vicious den of backstabbing, rumors, hate, jealousy, and people getting hurt.

We picked up my brother from the middle school and drove home. I ran up to my room, turned the radio to a rock station and grabbed one of the many books from the pile next to my bed. I spent the rest of the night reading, doing homework, getting all my chores done, and zoning off at random moments. Just to go to sleep and start the whole process over the next day.

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