Meaning…All of My Heart….

I knew somehow knew that you would always be here for me.

Now I see…

That you will forever be.

And so…will…I…

After all, we were meant to meet each other,

God's match made up above,

He sent a sign to me, letting me know,

--a beautiful flying dove.

You make me smile,

You make life all worth while.

Your laughter is contagious,

Your character, everything about you,

--to me, it's very ostentatious.

You don't even have to speak,

I know that you we both make each other weak.

I understand completely how you feel inside,

Like sometimes you want to just run away from it all and hide.

Do not believe in what they say about you,

Stay true,

Don't stay blue…

There is no reason anymore to hide,

They lied,

You are wonderful,

Don't ever mull,

Because it is not true,

I believe in you.

Just remember that I am here for you,

To speak and to be listened to,

Don't be afraid,

This was meant to be made.

To you, I've grown closer and nearer,

But, compared to your glory, I feel inferior.

Please, reassure me,

I don't exactly invision what you see.

You say those wonderful things,

Are you sure that you are thinking straight?

Are you delayed in your thoughts, late?

I am in a cloud ever since He introduced us,

I feel saying these little things are an absolute must,

Please, believe me when I express these things that I think are oh so right…

I can go on forever and a day,

On how you and I belong, think as you may,

I absorb every, single word you ever say.

Oh, how I wish I was here to stay.

I am feeling my head reeling,

What is this feeling?

I am floating on a cloud,

A mound,

Of nothingness,

…of total bliss.

Are you just a friend?

To the very end….

In my eyes, you're perfect, smooth around the edges, with no whatsoever bend.

The words are coming to me now,

I have the courage to say them somehow,

I've always wanted to say, and mean it with all of my heart,

And with you, I know it's true.

I Love You.