Chapter 1

Anna was sitting at her desk feverishly taking notes on the French Revolution. Now, her favorite subject is History, but every now and then…it's just so boring. Sometimes she wonders, "Am I ever going to have to know about the Reds V.S. Whites, the guillotine, and Napoleon?" Yet, she is oh so fascinated by it.


"Wha—", she says groggily, not really listening, snapping out of her daydream-like phase.

"What is the answer to number 14?!" whispered her friend, Michelle, sitting next to her in the chair beside her.

"Uhh…I don't know…" she says, glancing down on the piece of paper in front of her for a moment. "Cromwell?" she guesstimates. "Yeah, that makes perfect sense!" Michelle stated sarcastically, groaning.

"She's right, you know." Both girls looked around for the mysterious guy that confirmed Anna's answer. They found Jake, smiling at them three desks away from Anna. He had light brown hair, green-eyed, with a manner of not doing his homework, but doing his class work. He was twiddling his thumbs, looking down at his desk, with a red tinge on his face. "Are you already done?" asked Michelle, with an astonished look in her features. "Yeahh…" replied Jake casually. Anna had two more questions to go, and she was determined to do them, so she could graze into the conversation between Michelle and Jake.

"Anna, how much longer…?" Michelle whined. "I'm not letting you just copy my answers, Michelle. You need to learn." "Hmph! Why?" "Because I am not going to always be here! That's why!" Jake was staring at Anna. He cut in. "Mind if I do it?" he said, handing his paper over to Michelle.

"Jake! Why did you do that?!" Anna said, in a scolding-type voice. "So I would get her off our backs." "Why—"

"Because I would like to talk to you."

The fourth period bell rand, signaling the end of the class. Their teacher, Mrs. Welsh, said, rather cheerfully, "I need those papers!!" Anna turned swiftly around, skirt billowing around her legs, to walk over to her and hand it in. She briskly walked to the door and out.

As soon as she opened the heavy, red, metal door, she felt the welcoming sounds of high school. Chattering voices, not for her, making out against the lockers…Anna looked away, red in the face. She glanced quickly behind her shoulder, and saw Jake, running toward her. "Anna! Where are you going?" "Spanish!" she called, running up the stairs, "We can talk some other time, okay?" Her heart was banging in her chest, desperate to get away from it all. Just to get to Spanish.

"Just one more hallway…" she said in her head, sprinting down it. She reached her classroom, 213. She slammed herself down into her seat in the third row and carefully, taking as much time as needed, taking her things out of her blue backpack. She leaned down and saw a piece of notebook paper sticking out of her opened pocket. She was extremely curious of what this might be. Anna opened it up and it read:


I would love it if you would instant message me tonight at 7:30. My screen name is opaquegamer. See you then!

She read it over and over until her almond-shaped brown eyes could not stand to read it any longer. She was studying the handwriting. "Definitely not Michelle's…and this has to be a guy's…" Her heart leaped as she thought this. Is this what she thinks it means?!

The tardy bell rang loudly and her teacher walked in the door and yelled over the bell, "Buenos Dias, mis estudiates…" "¡Buenos Dias, Senora Celeste!" the class responded with a voice that screamed of longing that they didn't have oral presentations about their dream house due today.