I really wanted
to step on a pigeon to-
day. Isn't that strange?

Author's Note: Before I start getting flaming shoes thrown at me, I want to say, for the record, that I do NOT believe in harming animals for sport/pleasure/boredom/poetry/etc. This was a completely random thought that occurred to me while I was walking down the street and noticed how the pigeons did not even bother to scurry away when I approached… I seriously could have stepped on one. And then I thought about how pigeons move, with that bobbing, ebbing motion, and it occurred to me that it would just be a really odd feeling to be standing on something moving in such a way. I do not desire to harm pigeons (or any other animal for that matter) at all. Maybe smush them with my foot a little, but not to the point of injury. I'm a fairly decent person, really.

This is probably the longest disclaimer for any haiku, ever.

TMK 3.8.2007