Maze of Two

My head is in a make-shift wonder,

What happened, to make it this much of a blunder?

You confuse me,

Make me believe that it's you I have to see,

To enjoy life,

Yet, my soul is constant strife.

One day, I'm swooning over your every word,

Next, I'm feeling absurd.

Lonely today,

Waiting my fate another day,

Loved tomorrow,

Filled with sorrow…

Why did this maze appear?

It's colliding with my thoughts, causing my heart to sear,

This maze of many feelings,

I look up to a thousand possibility ceilings,

There's no end to this wall-less Earth,

I've felt this since this new rebirth.

This celestial way of thinking,

The quicksand of time and thought is grabbing me; I'm sinking.

It's making my turn dark and confused,

When I step back, sometimes I am amused.

With my own being,

What I am seeing?

I have two sides,

One full of joy and happiness,

Other complete with sorrow and darkness…

My feelings are incomplete,

I feel as if I have met my defeat,

You know that I can go on and on…

About my dusk and dawn…

When these collide,

I can not hide.

This maze happens.

I would much rather be one whole.