Have you ever had a dark plot lurking in your mind? I have. And this is it. Read it carefully, and then please tell me what you think.

He always got what he wanted.

He was spoiled, and he knew it. But he didn't care. Whatever he desired was his, and that was all that mattered.

Lily Rose was no different. She was just a fleeting glimpse in a crowded place, but he knew he had to have her. She was beautiful, with long, curly, red hair and enticing grey eyes. He was a brat and he knew it, but only Lily Rose would fulfill his hunger.

More, more, he thought. More, more.

The next time he saw her, it was at a crowded fair. She stood by a lemonade stand, drinking her drink, happily oblivious. He had to have her, because only Lily Rose would satiate him.

"Hello," he said, walking over to where she stood. Lily Rose looked up and smiled, and then turned to face front.

"Is the lemonade any good?" he asked.

"Delicious," said Lily Rose, turning towards him with her smile.

"Mm," he said with a nod. "Worth the price?"

"Very much," said Lily Rose. And of course he listened to her, because her voice was a drug to him. And after all, no one else would suffice. It had to be Lily Rose.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself," he told her. Lily Rose nodded.

"I love the fair," she said. He shivered when he heard her soft accent. Irish, perhaps?

"I always thought it was loud and very messy," he said honestly, wishing he could see what she saw.

"Oh no," said Lily Rose. "It's terribly beautiful. Especially at night. All the lights are like fireflies, shining in the air."

He loved the fair, he decided. Because he was with Lily Rose.

"Isn't it at all dangerous, being out late like that?" he asked.

"But that makes it easier to enjoy," said Lily Rose, as though it were obvious. His eyes drank her in, in all her radiant beauty. "After all, the night often appeals to those who seek danger."

"I suppose so," he mused. "Do you come here a lot?"

"Yes," said Lily Rose. "It's my second home."

He didn't ask what she meant, because he didn't care. He couldn't bring himself to care. After all, he conceded, he was with Lily Rose.

"And your first is around here?" he asked.

"Mm," she said simply. "It is."

"I've come a bit of a ways," he told her. "But I suppose I don't mind."

"Of course," said Lily Rose, as though that fact spoke for itself.

"You really love the fair, don't you?" he asked, before he could stop himself. Lily Rose grinned at him. Her smile illuminated her face. He noticed a few pale freckles on her brow.

"Isn't it nice, just to be out in the sun and able to buy whatever you please? After all, there's nothing practical or good for you here, so you can be as frivolous as you like. Eating what you please, drinking whatever you want, keeping the company you choose, buying odd trinkets because you want to," she said, spreading her arms with a peaceful smile on her face. And he drank in the light of her face.

"It is interesting," he said. "So many colors and shapes."

"I'll tell you a secret," said Lily Rose, grinning happily. "If you spin about, then it all blurs together into one beautiful myriad of colors and bits of light and vague shapes."

"Really?" he asked. "Will you show me?"

Lily Rose smiled and nodded, stepping out from the shadow and into the sun. tossing her now-empty lemonade cup into a nearby trash can, she gestured he follow her.

He was irrational, he knew. Simply seeing someone and desiring her immediately didn't make sense. But he was as irrational as he was spoiled, and he wanted Lily Rose, no matter what. He relished her presence near his, and the warm smile on her face.

He loved Lily Rose.

She took him on the fastest ride in the park.

"Open your eyes!" she called to him. And his eyes opened.

Everything had merged into everything else. Streaked about him, filling up the space weightlessly. In the background, the sound of the air whooshing past his head was all that he could hear. Everything had merged into one infinite being.

He hardly felt Lily Rose help him off of the ride. He hardly noticed her arm on his shoulder, guiding him gently to the nearest bench.

"Wasn't that fun?" she asked him.

And he nodded, dazed. He couldn't even put it into words. It was beautiful.

"Thank you," he said, when he could speak again. She just smiled at him and sat beside him on the bench.

"What's your name?" he asked her.

"Lily Rose," said the girl, smiling at him. And it suited her. He couldn't remember a day when he hadn't thought of her as Lily Rose.

He must have told her his name. He didn't remember. She smiled and nodded and took his hand, pulling him gently to his feet.

They played a game then. They tried to throw a single white ball into a tiny fish tank to win a goldfish. They won three, between them.

"Myriad," she said, looking at her fish. And he didn't have to ask, because he knew already that her fish was named Myriad.

Looking at his, with it's golden scales reflected in the sun, like a shining light of it's own, he smiled. The delicate tail, transparent and black, swayed before his eyes.

"Joined," he said, and she didn't even ask. She just smiled and asked him if he wanted some lemonade.

He was a selfish person, he knew. He didn't try to deny it. He was horrible and terrible and thoughtless and selfish, but he didn't care because he was with Lily Rose. She was like the sun, radiant with a light he had never before seen. He was drunk off of her, off of the faint scent of wisteria that clung to her skin, off of the way her grey eyes sparkled in the sun, the way she held his hand when the rides went too fast for her.

He loved Lily Rose.

He was all to happy to stay with her until midnight. They sat, side by side, watching the stars. He knew he was a horrible person, and that he should feel remorse, but because Lily Rose was there, he didn't care about the people he was worrying.

"Come down by the water with me?" asked Lily Rose, gesturing to a nearby stream. The stars were all equally reflected, each one a bright pinnacle of something beautiful, something unseen. The reeds growing up out of the water all seemed as though they had been painted into some sort of beautiful painting. Something so untainted couldn't be real, he mused idly.

Her hand was soft, he thought. The gentle slope, no more than six feet, was easy to walk down. The water rested at the bottom, clear like crystals or diamonds. Clear like the light from those enchanting gray eyes.

The water was cold, but he didn't know if it was really cold, or if he was only imagining things. He shuddered at the wistful sound the wind made, blowing through the trees.

And suddenly, the diamonds were rubies. Throughout the water drifted idle strands of beautiful red, a scarlet ribbon flowing through the transparent tresses of the water. He didn't speak as he saw it happen. Droplets fell gently into the water, and spread slowly, becoming as crystalline as the water, only a stretched, worn red.

Over everything the crimson blanket flowed, covering each inch of the water precisely. He watched, but didn't really care. Each drop was a red star, falling from the sky.

He opened his arms and fell towards it, immersing himself in the cover of the water, the scarlet spreading more vastly and darkly now. Thicker, it spread, thickening everything. The stars in the sky were dull now, like they were dying. But he didn't see it.

All he could feel was the cold hand of the body next to his.

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