Chapter two. More of a look into the personal aspect of Aryan, as well as introducing two very important characters to the story; one of which will be further introduced in the next chapter. Have fun reading.

Justified Homicide

I climbed quickly into Miss Rinkle's beige minivan. She's twenty-six; she shouldn't have a minivan yet. But she does. As I was the only one with her, I got the front seat. Not that I usually don't get it; as the oldest I usually get shot-gun. Whoever thought up of that term anyway? Shot-gun? Anyway, Miss Rinkle climbed into the other side, and after both her seat belt and mine were on she started the van and we started the short journey home.

"Aryan, did you even try to get along with your councilor today?" she started. Great. Another lecture. I swear she's full of them. I get one after every councilor's appointment, if I don't do homework. Heck she gives them to everyone over anything.

"Don't I always?" I asked with a mock pout.

"Aryan," Miss Rinkle said with a sigh. "You really should try to at least tolerate your councilors. They are trying to help you. They really are. I know it's only been three weeks, but you really should try to get out of this destructive depressive faze your in." I give up! I seriously do. Does no one understand anything? My best friend died, and I'm supposed to be all cheery deary over it. Ya great idea. While were at it, why don't I go to the morgue she's at and laugh in her face for dieing. Or is that a little too happy for them? I mean come on!

I looked out the window the trees, houses, and other cars flashing by as we drove. It was all sunny outside. Just great. The sun. Oh how I love the sun, so bright and cheery and happy like. Ya, right. The sun can die for all I care. Luckily we live close enough to the councilor's office that it's only a five minute drive, and soon we pulled into the old Victorian era house parking lot.

I do have to admit, the house is nice. It's a nice white colour, and has a lovely green lawn and two-lips and other flowers border the house. The place itself is three stories high. On the main floor is a parlor, the kitchen, a living room, dinning room and a library type room. The second and third floors have the bedrooms and washrooms. My room is on the third floor.

As soon as the vehicle stopped, I undid my seat belt, jumped out, and 'sulked' toward the door of the house; letting it slam shut on it's own behind me. Instantly three little heads popped out from behind the door to the living room; a little girl and two little boys. I pushed past them to get into the room, crossed it to the other door and into the hall. The stairs were easily found at the end of the hall. I quickly dashed up them to the top floor and headed to my room. I stopped as I entered. My roommate was home. My roommate being Rachel. Rachel something. I actually get along with her. Her parents died when she was little; apparently her father killed her mother and then killed himself; and she had to go through the whole counseling thing too. She's only six months younger then me.

"Hey," I said letting the door closed. We both seamed to agree on decorating taste. While the walls are white; as would be expected; we both covered them with dark pictures. Mine of vampires and stuff used to kill vampires. Her's of other dark creatures. Both of our bedspreads are black. And we went shopping once a couple weeks ago and got those light bulbs dipped in black paint; and two or three that were red; and put them into the light fixtures. It gives the room a nice homely depressing glow. I love it.

"Home so soon?" she joked, "I was starting to think you liked it over there." She was stretched out on the top bunk of our bunk bed, facing the door. She had on black eyeliner and lipstick, her hair; dyed black; fell to her chin, and she was dressed in a black tank top and skirt; with alternating black and red bracelets up her arms to her elbows.

"Oh I love it!" I laughed twirling in a small circle; on my good foot; and flopped onto the bottom bunk. On one side of the room is our bunk bed, and on the other side are two dresser desk things. All three peaces of 'furniture' are brown, but draped in black cloth.

"Oh gee, you're killing me girl!" Rachel said with a gasp, "How do we stick it to the system if we fall for it?" She's hopeless. But well, it's someone to talk too, and we did come up with that line in a couple days of knowing each other. So I guess I'm hopeless too.

"I don't know Rachel; the system may be to strong!" I said dramatically; somewhere downstairs the phone started chiming. "Well, that and they have a secret weapon."

"Oh?" Rachel's head popped over the edge of the top bunk, "What is it this time? Threatening? Pills? Barney? Oh please don't let it be Barney! You've been through enough!"

"Boredom," I replied. She cringed. She knew what I was talking about. Her head disappeared, but her bare feet appeared over the edge, and the rest of her followed. She's more bubbly and energetic them Cassie was.

"They plan to bore you to death? Shame," she tisked, "such a shame. All for you to what; talk through something that you don't even want to think about?" See why I get along with her?

"Exactly!" I agreed, sitting up so she'd have room to sit down. A knock crisped across the door before it opened. Miss Rinkle's head came through the opening.

"We're having another person come live with us for a while. He'll be here after dinner," she said. Rachel nodded; I chose to ignore Miss Rinkle, "I want you two to behave. Possibly wear some colours. For the sake of it, brighten up this room as well." And then she was gone. As soon as the door closed I started laughing.

"What colour do you think would look better?" I asked jumping up, skipped; well as best as I could; to my dresser and pulled out two t-shirts, "light black, or dark black?"

"Oh I don't know," Rachel said crossing the room to exam the identical shirts. "Do you have a shirt that's stripped light and dark black?"

"I might," I said dropping the two shirts back in the drawer and pulled out a third shirt, identical to the other two.


"Oh, I don't know," I said, "I think I'll just stick with this," I twirled on my good foot. Indicating to my hoodie and pants.

"Ya," Rachel said, "we don't want to scare him too much."

"Hey!" I exclaimed pushing her slightly. I haven't laughed this hard for weeks. And of course, with thinking that I stopped laughing. Rachel noticed and stopped laughing as well. She actually looked kind of somber. Probably thinking the same general think I am.

We staid silent for a while. It was kind of awkward. Finally dinner was called and the silence was temporarily broken. During dinner everyone was talking. The little one's jabbered on and on about school, their teachers and friends. The older few were speculating on what the new kid would be like. All that was found out was that he was sixteen, two months older then me, and he'd be rooming with Don, a fourteen year old boy. I staid silent during the meal, and Rachel only put in a few words. We both offered to stay behind and clean up when the doorbell chimed. I'm not the only anti-social person in the house after all.

"Don't be silly," Miss Rinkle tisked shooing everyone into the parlor. Yippee! We get to meet another kid who is going to be here for a couple months and leave! Why do we have to formally meet these people anyway? It's not like we're going to try and get along any more then necessary.

I nestled behind eight excited kids and one board teenager while Miss Rinkle went to the door. Miss Rinkle could be heard greeting two people; the kid and his caseworker. Doesn't matter anyway. Just sitting here listening to Miss Rinkle talk made my blood run cold. Why on earth would it do that? None of them are around here. Miss Rinkle finally said goodbye, and then two sets of footprints could be heard coming back to the white, formal, stiff and uncomfortable parlor.

Miss Rinkle entered the room followed by a boy who made my blood run even colder. He was six foot one; exactly a foot taller then me; had black hair in a typical 'cool' guy style. He was in baggy black jeans, and a dark red muscle shirt. He wasn't wearing make-up; wasn't really expecting him too; but his finger nails were painted black. His eyes were a light brown, almost red even. And he was pale. Exceptionally pale. As if he kept his face; and hands; covered from the sun at all times.

Great. Just flippen great. My life can't possibly get any worse can it? My hand that isn't in a brace curled into a fist and my jaw moved forward, and I'm sure I have a really cold expression on my face right now.

"Boys, girls, this is Jacob," Miss Rinkle said, "Jacob McCartney. Now come up and introduce yourselves to him, but be nice." Instantly he was crowded with eight kids and teens. Rachel entered the crowd slower, a blush almost creeping up her face. Great. I waited at the back of the crowd. Not really wanted to get any closer. But they eventually moved, and Miss Rinkle indicated that I had to 'introduce' myself as well. Great! Just flippen great.

I dragged my feet as I moved up. A sadistic smile appeared on his face, "Ah, Ary…" his greeting was cut off by the back of my right hand contacting my face as hard as I could swing it.

Tsk tsk. Such a temper Aryan has. And no one (except me) really knows what he's done. Tsk tsk. Just imagine the shock on all those faces when Aryan slaps what seams to be a perfect stranger.

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