For You

Today's your birthday,

You're turning fifteen,

This age, many turn mean,

Perhaps even obscene.

I have a feeling that you will stay your same sweet self,

Getting to know you, this is becoming a delf,

Your features glimmering in the dark,

You're simply stark,

Digging deep,

You see me weep,

You're always there for me,

Can't you see?

You're a person that everyone wants to be with,

No matter what you think, this a sheer fact, no myth,

You're a treasure person to know,

You're my high when I'm feeling low.

I know this isn't much of a gift,

But writing to you, giving you something,

It's the ultimate lift,

When I'm feeling broken, you are my sling.

I can go on for a decade,

On how you laid,

Your simple and complex reasonings and thoughts,

You are my compass when I am lost.

Thank you for everything you do for me,

Making me believe that I am meant to be,

Here, being here, making me worthwhile,

You always make me smile,

Opening your arms,

As wide as country-side farms.

Happy Birthday,

This is portion of my heart,

Part of my mind,

On this paper that's lined.

I hope you have the best day in the Earth,

Because you have deserved it ever since birth,

Make that one special wish,

Blow out those swirly candles with one swish.

Let's hope your wish comes true.

I'm praying for you.