She stood in her doorway, her back met with cold recirculated air, and her face met with humid restraint. With a flash and an explosion the rain poured down and almost instantely before anyone could stop her, she ran. By the time she reached the driveway her clothes were soaked,
and stamped to her skin. Her hair fell from its careful curls and lay drooped and abandoned.
She spun with her arms out and looked to the door where her mother stared wistfully at her.
She smiled and ran back inside. Hours later, and curled up in bed, the storm raged on. The power flickered out and all went dark. As soon as it had gone it was back, her alarm clock flashing relentlessly. She grabbed her blankets and balled them in her fists and as she thought of him, slowly she drifted to sleep.

The thunder did not agree as it pounded with its noise fists once again and she awoke to her bed gently shaking beneath her from the sheer force of the sound. She rolled over and looked at his picture, but then resigned to looking at the blinking of the clock again. The power went out six times that night. She was thankful for having charged her Mp3 player. With a sigh,
she tried to regain her retreat to sleep and this time, the storm relented and she fell into its mercy and slept.

She awoke, ruffled and reluctant to leave her bed. She looked across the room at his picture and saw his blue eyes shining more vividly than she'd ever seen anything shine. She tore her gaze away and walked out of the room, thoughts of him still bothering her. She thought about the way his smile lit up the dark, with all the rainbow colors of the world. She smiled at the thought herself. As she did the dishes that afternoon she remembered driveways, and train rides.
Suddenly her phone rang, and immediately she recognized the number. He'd only called her once before, so why now? He told her he was coming over and he'd be there soon. Instantly she looked out the window at the incoming storm, hoping that he'd beat it to her. She listened to her music and the phone rang again.

"Look outside," the voice said, and hung up.

There in her driveway, was his car, and him smiling. Lighting up the sky where ever he walked,
he approached her door, and without thought she flung her arms around his neck. He pushed her away from him slightly, and as the world seemed to stop and stare, he kissed her. Her hair rumpled against the basement door, and gravity tried to push her to the floor. Every nerve in her was at his will, and thats when it came again.

A crack of thunder and pouring rain. She walked around him smiling, her eyes sparkling with joy.
He gave her a questioning look, and she asked him then and there, "haven't you ever wondered"
Her arms on either side of the doorway, she felt him wrap himself around her. Not even a moment later she was running, and spinning, and drenched. He stepped out the door and screamed, "wondered what?" And she spun a dew more times, before seeing him in front of her.

"Wondered what?" He said, his voice barely above a whisper.
"Wondered what its like to waltz in the rain. To do something so silly and impractical for all the world to see." He put his hands in hers. "Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to smile so brightly that you shone in the dark? What would it be like, to be completely nonsensical, needy, imperfect? Haven't you ever wondered... what it would be like to be so in love with someone that you'd do anything for them?"

He slid his hand around her waist, and she stared into his ocean eyes sparkling ever so distantly, and right there in her driveway they waltzed in the pouring rain.