"She does WHAT?!" I gasped.

"You heard me, Takashi," Yosuke, my friend and the class snoop whispered, his face graven with the severity of this information.

"But…How…?" I gulped. "Keiko is…different, sure. But…You're saying that she…rapes guys?"

"Exactly!" he rubbed his stubbly hair. "I don't know how, but she's able to over-power guys and do as she wishes with them."

"…Like…In the hentai books…?" I tried to not faint. I mean, how could anyone believe that the sweet blonde girl in our class was some nympho-freak? What a shame, she was really cute too…

"EXACTLY like in the mangas and doujins. Our star soccer player Kyusuke Aramaki missed going to state finals last year because he threw out is back, right?"


"Wrong. They say the day before he got injured, he and Keiko went to talk in private…And that's when she screwed him so hard and violently that he couldn't walk for the next three weeks!"

"Eep!" I actually meeped in terror. "H-How…? How is something that weird possible??" I held onto my short brown hair in fright.

"I dunno…" Yosuke sighed as he adjusted his glasses. "I've only put two and two together fairly recently, and everything is making a lot of sense now. You best watch your back…and your ass."

The bell chimed for class to start, all of us second-year high schoolers taking our seats. Keiko was already in class, in fact, she was the first one in the room. Always has been, now that I think about it…

Keiko Ikamoto…

At first glance, she seems like an ordinary sixteen-year-old with long blonde hair and golden eyes (yeah, 'ordinary'). But she's shrouded in mystery.

"Now then," our sensei began his lecture. "With his book On the Origin of Species Through Natural Selection, Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution, stating what?" he looked around the class. "Ah, Mr. Ishikawa, can you tell us?"

Iori Ishikawa stood up to answer like he always did…

"That we all came from butt-scratching monkeys," he boasted as the class laughed.

"No, Mr. Ishikawa," our teacher sighed. "Hm…Ms. Ikamoto, can you tell us the answer?"

The class went dead silent as the rape-girl stood and answered enthusiastically.

"The theory of evolution states that organisms better suited for an environment and its conditions will survive better than those not as adapted, thus, the survival of species is given to the fittest." As she sat down, the entire class gawking, she looked towards me and blushed as she gave a quick smile. After that, we both looked away, me out of pure terror.

I was going to be her next victim…wasn't I?

Class went to lunchtime and I decided to hang out at the library, in the manga section our school's Anime Appreciation Club donated (some of the books were once mine since I'm a member of the club). I was re-reading a favorite shounen manga I gave to the library, enjoying the cola I bought as well as a few sweet breads from the vending machines. I had all but forgotten about Keiko as I re-watched the main male character thrown into one hapless situation after the next involving beautiful women who hated his guts. I faintly heard footsteps heading in my direction and then stopping in front of me.

"-Ahem!-," a female voice cleared her throat.

"Hm, what is it…?" I paused as I looked up to see none other than the maso-girl herself, a pleasant smile upon her face as she bent in front over me.

"Hi, Takashi-kun," she said with pink cheeks.

"Uh…Hi…" I managed to say as I felt the blood drain from my face.

"I was wondering…" she started to sweat in nervousness, looking away for a moment. "Well, I wanted to ask if-"

I was already running at full-speed out of the library to somewhere…ANYWHERE away from that fiend! She was gonna rape me! I just knew it! I ran to the top of the school building, where other students (couples especially) were busy eating. I looked for an escape route. I'd jump from the school if it meant keeping my V-card until I could find someone special, and saving my backdoor from being robbed of its 'exit only' status.

"Let's see…" I looked around, finding the top of the stairwell and climbed high, hiding in an unused smoke-stack heat vent. No way she would find me now! I felt so smart right then, until the door underneath my spot opened, many of the students gasping and heading inside, all saying things like,

"Gee, look at the time!"

"You know, I just remembered I needed to get something out of my locker…"

"Didn't sensei say she needed us to do something when we had some free time?"

It was her…

"Takashi-kun! Takashi-kun! Where are you?" she called out. "I just wanted to talk to you about something, that's all."

"Yeah, about dominating me…" I whispered to myself.

"Hm…Guess Takashi-kun isn't here…" she sighed in a depressed tone as she left the roof. I stood absolutely still for about a solid two minutes, then peeked out to find that I was all alone once more.

"Phew…" I gave a sigh of relief. With a great poof of heat and cinder, my hiding spot exploded on me from beneath. I fell out of the smoke-stack and coughed the soot out of my lungs as I tried to regain my bearings after being barbecued for a second. "It could be worse…" I coughed again as I went to the infirmary and got treated for some minor burns on my arms and hands. Nothing serious, though. When I went back to class, I found it had already begun again as I took my seat, Keiko waving to me with a smiled.

'I'm going to find a way to avoid her even if it kills me…' I thought to myself as I tried to ignore her nonchalantly.

The next day, I made my way through the halls, late again. I made it to the classroom and began to apologize, but was interrupted by the snapping of a whip in my face.

"Silence, slave!" Keiko stood before me, drab in a leather corset and thigh-high heeled boots. "You will bow before your mistress and do as you are told!" she commanded sternly.

"Wha-? Wait, Keiko! This isn't-" but with a snap of her whip, she snared my form and yanked me over to her spot. I was entangled within her leather lash as she caressed my face and grinned a predatory grin.

"Such a pretty face. And…" she rubbed my rear. "Such a cute ass too. I'm going to enjoy this…" she purred as she threw my tied-up form onto the ground, belly-first. I tried to move out of the way as she appeared behind me with something big and black strapped to her waist, pulling my pants down as she leaned against me…

"WAAAAHHH!!" I jumped in bed screaming in terror. I looked around to see that I was in my room, the entire thing a mere dream. Sleep found me soon enough, and I was back under the covers, an uneasy stirring still within me.

The very next day, I woke up at my usual time and got ready for school. After kicking my shoes on, I headed up the street to my high school. My trek ended abruptly in fear as I saw the dreaded sadist-girl waiting there, waving to me with a smile.

"Oh gods…Why me…?" I gulped. "Just ignore her. Just ignore her…" I mumbled to myself as I walked at a fast pace, nearing Keiko.

"Takashi-kun!" she greeted me cheerily. "I was wondering if we could talk and…Takashi-kun?" she said as I had already passed her and broke into a full run.

'Okay…Where's somewhere she won't come after me…?' I thought frantically as I hurtled over trashcans and side-stepped students and faculty as I looked back to see Ikamoto jogging to keep up. My only option presented itself as I skid to a halt and flew into the men's restroom. "Safe at last…" I sighed.

"Takashi-kun? Will you hurry up in there? I want to ask you something…" I could hear the golden-haired devil ask from outside. At least she didn't come inside. It became a waiting game as I waited for class to start, and then waited a good fifteen minutes later to peek outside. No one was there. I sneakily headed to my classroom, trying to make it inside with out sensei noticing, but a tap of his chalk on the green slate alerted me to his awareness.

"Outside with the water bucket, Mr. Nakamura," he instructed me. I was horrified to hear and watch Keiko sit up from her seat and speak to our teacher.

"Sensei, I was five minutes late. I deserve to be outside too," she demanded in a serious tone. Our teacher smiled and laughed.

"Oh, goodness, Ms. Ikamoto!" he chuckled through his thick mustache. "Today was your first offense on an otherwise spotless record. You needn't worry. Now, take your seat and Mr. Nakamura can go out for his punishment.

"Yes…Yes, sensei," she sighed as she took her place in her desk chair. I actually wanted to skip and sing for joy with this relief of good news!

I was eventually allowed to return, the usual lectures for the day droning on, with Keiko being called every other time to answer questions correctly. Lunchtime came around, and she was busy eating her hand-made bento she seemed to have prepared herself.

"Hey, Keiko?" two new girls hesitantly approached her.

"Hm?" she looked up with her big golden eyes.

"Um, we've never met, but, um, well…" the taller girl began. "We were wondering if we could sit and talk with you. That okay?"

"Sure," the rapist-girl smiled. Boy, she sure had a cute smile. Shame she was…well…you know...

"I'm Momoe," the girl with pigtails and glasses introduced herself.

"And I'm Aoi," the taller girl with long hair and glasses smiled warmly.

"Nice to meet you both," Keiko smiled. "I don't usually have lunch with anyone, so this is a nice change of pace for me." I guess she had given up on trying to attack me.

"That's good to hear," they both smiled back.

"So, Keiko," Momoe began. "Are you in any clubs by chance?"

"Not really. I'm kind of a loner," she shrugged as she ate her boiled shrimp.

"Um, well, we're in the Gardening Club," Aoi began. "We like to practice horticulture and learn to calm ourselves by peacefully taking care of plants."

"It's a really relaxing thing to do," Momoe added.

"Hm…Plants aren't my thing," Keiko shook her head. "I'm more into marine life, to be honest."

"Oh, well, you're welcome to come to our club," Momoe smiled. The three were silent as the blonde girl continued eating normally.

"Um, Keiko, is it true that you…uh…rape guys?" Aoi asked with a blush.

"Aoi!" Momoe hissed as she pinched her friend in the arm, forcing a squeak of pain.

"Please, excuse me," the lonely girl clapped her hands together after finishing her lunch and headed out of the class. I was kinda hurt about that comment too. Still, I just couldn't for the life of me figure out Keiko. She must have a guilty conscious, but even still, why does she go rape-shit on us guys?

The question stuck with me all day as I tried to focus. Occasionally, my bored glance would wander back to her, and I'd often see her staring at me already. But the minute our gazes met, she was quick to look away with a blush. I just know that I'm next…

Sunday came, and I was busy looking at the bookstore's inventory of manga. When no one is looking, I tend to sneak over to the adult mangas and try to see what else is out there, hoping to sneak a peak. I could never allow myself to buy the stuff, but I have a relatively sharp image-memory, so there's no harm in getting reference materials. I took a chance that day and crept over to the adult manga to see what I could find with good taste (I know, hentai with GOOD TASTE???). I snagged the latest of a series I'd been peeking through off and on about a guy and his sex-crazed taller girlfriend. As I skimmed the pages, taking mental snap-shots of key panels and pages, I heard a licking sound to my left. I stopped and peeked over to the side.

I was shocked to find a girl with long golden hair, blushing in excitement as she read a redone graphic novelization of an old tentacle hentai movie series. Her face was a bright scarlet as she licked her lips while turning each page, absorbed in her reading material.

It was Keiko.

I gulped, and loudly by accident, which alerted my stalker to my presence. Time stood still for the two of us as we each looked deep into one another's eyes, our blushes growing each passing second. Keiko seemed to move in my direction, gulping as if she was mustering the strength to do something, but I didn't need to see for myself what she was going to do: she was going to live out her hentai fantasy with me!

I ran. I ran and ran and ran. I didn't even realize I still had the manga with me at the time, but I ran nonetheless. I turned corners, went up steps, slid down rails in ways that were intended for in-line skates, and hid myself in the first store I could find. I took a deep breath and gave a sigh of relief as I confirmed I had lost my hunter. When I realized my surroundings, I found that I had also landed myself in a women's lingerie shop.


It was no wonder the older women in the shop kicked and punched me out. I mean, I was a teen boy with a blush and a naughty manga in my hands while in a ladies' underwear store. I deserved the beating. The comic was ripped and trampled beyond recovery, and with as much stomping as I was given to the head, I was bound to have lost some memories of the images of it with all the brain-damage I must have amassed. I don't know how long I laid there flat on the side-walk, people walking around or over me. I was too drained from running two blocks from a tentacle-girl and getting my ass handed to me by angry, stronger women. At some point though, it began to rain. Heavily. I tried to get up, but I was too tired to get on my feet and figure out where the hell I was. I faded in and out of unconsciousness, until the last thing I heard was soft footsteps stop at me.

When I awoke, I found myself in someone's room other than my own. There were wall-scrolls of popular shounen and shoujo animes here and there, randomly scattered mecha model kits, and even a few cosplay photos of…






"Surely, I must be cursed…" I fell back on the bed, ready to be ravaged to death. The monster of a girl had taken me to her home and was going to have one final snack from me. As I looked to my side, I noticed she was right there by the bed the whole time, a worried expression on her face.


Why me?

"Gah!" I spazzed out.

"Takashi-kun, how are you feeling?" she asked with a blush.

"Uh-! I w-was feeling alright…But…Um, I have a sudden…pain…developing in my ass now…"

"Hm?" she blinked, then turned away in shame, sobbing. "I didn't do anything! I-I swear!"

Her crying made me feel sorry for her for once. Couldn't figure out why, though.

"Keiko?" a woman's voice came from downstairs. Footsteps lead to the top floor where we were at, revealing a woman who looked no older than thirty-two, her youth still very present in her figure and face. Her hair was short and dark, but her face…it was the same as the girl crying next to me.

"Keiko, what happened?" she gasped as she ran to her daughter, holding her, then giving me a death-glare. "What did you say to my sweet Keiko?"

"N-Nothing!" I irked.

"Yeah, right! You have some nerve, boy! Keiko carried you home by herself, bandaged you up and kept watch over you since this afternoon! The least you can do is thank her for all that she's done for you!"

"But-! She-!" I tried to explain. I mean, how do you tell a mother that her daughter is a psychotic nymphomaniac? 'Well SORRY if I'm hesitant toward dominating maso-girls!' Nah, that wouldn't be a prudent retort.

"It's okay, Mom…" my caretaker sniffled, ceasing her crying as she looked at me with an apologetic expression. "Takashi-kun, didn't say anything mean…"

"Um…Thanks, Keiko…" I nodded with a gulp.

"Oh," her mother's eyes widened at her daughter's response. "So…He's the one…?"

"Yeah…" the girl looked down with a blush.

"Well, for that, I should be the one apologizing, young man," Keiko's mother sighed as she held her daughter close. "I had no idea you were the Takashi-kun I keep hearing about."


"What?" My jaw actually dropped.

"Um…Well, it's hard to explain…" the mother smiled weakly.

"I can tell him, Mom. He deserves to know," the tentacle girl looked back at me and sat up straight. "Takashi-kun….Um…Well, I'm part tentacle-monster."

"Huh?" I blinked

"I'm part squid. See?" she said as her long golden hair lifted on its own and waved about as tentacles!

"How…How can you be…?" I awed in dumbstruck stupor at this sudden revelation.

"You know those tentacle-monster mangas?" she blushed.

"Yeah…" I then irked as I added, "I mean, uh, yes, I've heard of them," I blushed back.

"Well…Those kinda creatures do exist. My father was a squid-one. And my mom was one of those unfortunate schoolgirls to be caught by him."

That explained her mom's youth.

"And, well, I'm part squid as a result…"

"Well, uh, squids…Um…" I tried to be a bit nicer now, what with Keiko opening up to me about all this. "Are very…um…cool…Yeah, cool." I must have sounded like a complete idiot.

"Well, as for the whole…um…rape….thing…" she grew solemn as she fidgeted. "Um…It's a…well…hormone thing from being part monster…"

"So, you do…um….that…because of instincts around cute guys?" I tried to ask my questions carefully.

"It's because Keiko is in love, you dummy," her mother finally intervened.

"Eh?" we both leered.

"M-Mom!" Keiko sputtered with a rosy complexion.

"Listen, Mr. Takashi," the woman continued. "Keiko does what she does to boys because that's unfortunately her body's way of reacting to someone she likes. Kinda like how you're pitching a tent right now, but more extreme."

"Huh?" I looked down to see my protrusion, then covered it with the comforter in embarrassment. "Uh…Okay, that makes sense…" I said with a crimson face. I looked back at Keiko, expecting to see her sad expression, but instead, she giggled.

"It's okay, Takashi-kun," she smiled happily. "I just get so nervous when I try to confess that…Well…THAT sorta thing happens…Well, anyway, would you…um…like to stay for dinner?" she asked with a pink face of anticipation.

All this time…It was because she was in love. And…She was now in love with me? I didn't deserve it, not with all the avoiding I did to her. But, at the same time, I had to admit that I was a bit smitten, more now it seemed, with this unique girl.

"S-Sure! Yeah, of course!" I nodded and held her hands she kept tucked in her lap. "I'd love to," I said with a smile of kindness and care. Her face went red again, but not in lust, it was in passion.

"Well, you two love-birds stay put and I'll go cook a nice meal for us," the proud mother smiled as she left the two of us alone.

"S-Say, Takashi-kun…?" my admirer asked with uncertainty.

"Uh, yeah?" I smiled back.

"Will you give me a chance to say what I've been meaning to say?"

"I'll give you as many chances as it takes, Keiko…" I gulped. I was excited and scared, but it was a good scared too.

"Takashi-kun…I…I…" her eyes went blood red as her face went into a sickening grin, I was expecting a pounding in the rear as her tentacles ensnared me, but she managed to hold back as she roared,


When the vibrations of her growl settled throughout the house, I was released as her tendrils went curly while her face went pink.

"Wow…That's one hell of a confession," I took a breath. Now it was my turn. "Keiko," I put my hand to her face and brought it close to mine. We kissed; a sweet and loving osculation between lovers that knew no boundaries. When I parted, I whispered to her softly, "I love you too, Keiko."

-SPLURT!- a great splattering of black ink soaked her chair and seeped to the floor.

We looked at one another for seconds on end. I was afraid she'd go off crying in embarrassment, but instead, she looked back at me, and we both laughed our asses off. This was going to be an interesting relationship, to say the least.

The End.