Listen to the child-ish Disney songs you just downloaded today,
try to get back to childhood, but you are fate's play toy instead.

The memories are fading, but I don't want them to go.
Photographs only do so much to ease the pain.
Can't remember the way they laughed,
can't remember the way they cried (if they ever cried).
Just can't remember anything.

They ask me when I'm coming home,
but I don't know where home is anymore.
(Too many fucking places.)

I want to remember but when the memories come back
it hurts to think about them.
I want to go back.

Remember the flour fight with Sarah?
The Johnny-Depp-gushing-over with Emma?
Remember the markers with Tali?
Oh, and that PowerPoint with Sivi?

It hurts to remember,
but it hurts not to.