What has held me
longlimbed with time
but blue or green
and my life torn between
tree or sky or sea
still none to linger by me

I see in bounds
tethered by the unmapped details
of our choices not yet come to pass
my eyes are not leading to the cataracts
that settle with the dim twilight and a feared passage
sailing scant years with my breath

chromosomes of dust I may be
but long life sings in me

its meaning not in your eyes
where once I lay transfixed
what I misread for love
was something more desperate
a struggling against futility
the flailings of a blind man twice over
who feels the chains that bind
but knows not they are his making
shaped and hammered at his own forge

denying his slavery
he toils for nothing

'gainst my joy in sight
this can not hold me
my hope is behind
the blue and green
of tree sky and sea
rests on roots
far more indefinite
than this breath