" Come on guys!! I don't want to be late! I want to kick everyones butt right now!" Dante yelled at his teammates, Uryuu and Keoko. Dante was 5 foot 10 and had red hair that was all pulled to one side. He always had a angry look on his face and was always mad at someone. Uryuu was the drama king of the group. He alway over reacted to everything. He was 6 foot 7 and had long blue hair that was braided. Keoko was the only girl in the group. She was 5 foot 8 and had aqua hair that was put up in a ponytail. They were walking to the Mist Village for the Chunin exams. " COME ON!!" Dante yelled again, " Is anyone even listening to me?

"I'm listening Dante-kun!" said Uryuu while running to catch up with his moody teammate, " But don't you think you're going a little too fast?? I don't think Keoko can catch up." They both looked back at Keoko who wasn't even trying to catch up but was humming to her music.

" Of course! Why am I not surprised! Keoko always does stuff like this!" said Dante while walking back to Keoko, " HELLO! Earth to Keoko!!" Dante whacked Keoko on the back of her head to get her attention.

"Here it comes," sighed Uryuu covering his ears so they wouldn't burst.

" OWWWW!!!!" yelled Keoko taking off her headphones, "What was that for Dante-bakka?!?!" she always called him that, they never really did get along well.

"What the fuck did you call me?!?!" yelled Dante glaring at Keoko.

" Dante-baka and I'll say it slower so your small brain can comprehend what I am saying to you! Dante... baka..." Keoko said smirking because she knew that always pissed Dante off.

"Fuck you!" Dante said turning around, walking to the Mist Village not caring if his teammates could catch up or not. Keoko skipped the rest of the way with a big goofy smile on her face humming to her music once again. Finally they got to the Mist Village.

"God! We're finally here!" exclaimed Keoko.

"It took long enough..." complained Dante.

"Well we have 2 days left until the Chuunin exams begin so why don't we explore the village?" suggested Uyruu.

"That's a great idea Uryuu! Well... bye!" exclaimed Keoko skipping away.

"Whatever," mumbled Dante as he walked away.

"Oh... ok then I'll just go this way." sighed Uryuu walking in the opposite direction as Keoko and Dante.

-20 minutes later-

"God I hate that baka!" Keoko said under her breath so no one could hear her. She walked until she saw a ramen bar. 'hmm? A ramen bar? Actually ramen sounds pretty good right now... maybe I should get some.' Keoko thought.

"Hello! May I help you?" said the girl working at the counter. She was smiling so much Keoko thought her face was stuck like that.

"Umm... sure. Can I get a beef ramen?" Keoko asked.

"Sure!" said the girl, still smiling, as she walked to get Keoko's order. Keoko just sighed and put her head on her arms that were folded on the counter.

"Hello! May I help you?" asked the girl again. Keoko looked up to see who the girl was talking to. She looked over to see a small boy with short brown hair and a X on his face. She looked at the headband around his waste and saw that he was also from the Leaf Village.

"Yeah... can I get a regular ramen?" the boy asked with a big sigh. Keoko noticed that he still had a high voice which meant that he was younger than her.

"Sure!" exclaimed the girl. She looked over at Keoko, "Your ramen will be out soon! Kay?"

"Kay!" exclaimed Keoko mocking the girl. Obviously the girl hadn't noticed because she just smiled at Keoko and walked away. Keoko looked over at the boy sitting next to her.

"Hi! I've never seen you around. What's your name?" She asked.

The boy looked over to her, smiled, and replied, "Hey! My name's Keiko. You're from the Leaf Village too?" He asked Keoko.

"Yeah. Keiko? That's a weird name for a boy." Keoko said, looking at Keiko with a confused look on her face. Obviously she made him made somehow because he looked pretty mad.

"I'm a girl! Geez why does everyone think I'm a boy?!" Yelled Keiko just as the girl came out with their ramen.

"Here's your ramen!" she said, setting down the ramen in front of both of them with that same smile on her face.

"Oh... sorry." Keoko said looking guilty. She turned away and thanked the girl before starting her ramen. Keiko turned to start her ramen also but stopped.

"I'm sorry... I shouldn't have snapped at you like that. I should be used to people thinking of me as a boy by now. I mean even my sensei still thinks I'm a boy." Keiko said starting her ramen.

"It's ok. " Keoko sighed starting on her ramen.

"Say do you want to be-" Keiko's sentence was cut short by a male voice.

"There you are Keiko. I told you not to walk off like that! You scared me!" said a boy that looked exactly like Kakashi, her best friend's sensei... well minus the mask.

"Gawd Kashi, don't act like that around people! Especially someone from our village!" Keiko yelled at Kashi.

"Does your last name happen to be Hatake?" Keoko asked Kashi.

"Hm? Uh... yeah. How did you know and-" Kashi' sentence was cut short as he looked over to see who had asked the question, "Umm... w-who a-are y-y-you?" Kashi stuttered with the words, his face turned bright red as he stared at Keoko.

"Well I just figured you were a Hatake cause you look a lot like my friend, Naruto's sensei. Umm... are you ok? Your face is really red. Are you sick or something?" asked Keoko feeling Kashi's forehead and looking at him with great concern.

"Oh he's fine. Kashi this is Keoko, she's from the leaf village too. Anyway as I was say-" but she was cut off by Kashi yet again.

"H-hi K-keoko, I'm K-kashi Ha-hatake." he said blushing even more.

"Umm... hi." Keoko was really getting freaked out now, "Umm... what were you saying Keiko?"
Keiko started again but not before covering Kashi's mouth, "So, do you want to be friends?"

"Oh, sure! Do you want to come by my hotel room tonight so we can talk?" asked Keoko smiling at her new friend.

"There you are Keoko! Jeez! You're eating ramen?? You're turning into another Naruto!" Dante complained coming up to Keoko.

"At least it's better than turning into another you!" Keoko yelled glaring at Dante who was now in front of her. Dante glared back.

"Keiko! Kashi!" yelled Jett who was running up to them. "I checked into the hotel! Who are they?"

"Oh! This is Keoko! She's from the Leaf Village too! And this is... ummm..." she stopped to look at Keoko with a questioning look on her face.

"This is Dante, otherwise known as Dante-baka," Keoko explained. "And who might you be?" Keoko asked the boy with black hair.

"I'm Jett, Keiko's other teammate. I see you've met Kashi." he said, turning to Kashi. "Come on guys, we need to get to the hotel. We have a long day of training tomorrow and we need our rest."

"Actually, I'm going to hang out with Keoko for a while. She invited me over to her room to talk." Keiko said getting up to leave with Keoko.

"WHAT?!?! She cannot come into our room!" Dante yelled at Keoko.

"Wait... we're all sharing a room?!?!" exclaimed Keoko. "I wanted a room away from you idiots!!"

"Well then you pay for the damn room! I am not paying for two rooms, especially if one is only for you!" Dante yelled. Keiko, Kashi, and Jett looked back and forth as the two yelled at each other.

"You can share a room with me," Keiko said hoping to end the never-ending fight. "I have a room to myself and you won't have to pay for any of it!"

"What room number is it?" asked Keoko.

"Umm..." Keiko looked at Jett. "What's the room number Jett?" Keiko asked. Jett looked at the key.

"Room 666," he stated

"Hmm... freaky but ok! At least it's really far away from Dante and Uryuu's room! They're in room 27!"Keoko exclaimed taking the key from Jett and dragging Keiko with her.

"WAIT!!! OWOWOWWWW!!!! PLEASE STOP DRAGGING ME!!!" Keiko exclaimed as she tried to pry loose from Keoko's tight grip.

"Well then keep up!" Keoko laughed.

-In Keiko & Keoko's room-

"Wow! This is a really nice room!" Keoko exclaimed dropping her bags on the ground and jumping onto one of the twin beds.

"Hey! Watch where you drop those things, I could have tripped over one of them!" Keiko said jumping over one of Keoko's bags.

"Sorry. So you wanna talk or something?" Keoko asked looking at Keiko who was setting her bags down by her bed.

"Talk? About what?" asked Keiko as she hopped on her twin bed and laying down on her stomach looking at Keoko. Keoko layed on her stomach too and turned to look at Keiko.

"I don't know. Ummm... do you have any brothers or sisters? What are your parents like?" Keoko asked but quickly regretting it because she new Keiko would ask her the same thing. She looked at Keiko and saw a sad look on her face when she was expecting a 'I hate them all because they are annoying' face.

"I don't have any brothers, sisters, or parents. In fact I never knew them so I can't tell you what they were like." a tear went down Keiko's face. "What about you?"

"I don't know anything about my parents. I'm the same as you." Keoko said holding back her own tears.

"So who took care of you then?" Keiko asked. She knew she shouldn't have asked a question like that, but she couldn't help it... it just escaped her lips.

"I was taken care of by Orochimaru. You've probably heard about him. I always thought he was a great guy. That is, until I saw it." Keoko said trailing off the last word.

"Saw what?" Keiko asked. She just had to know.

"A room filled with dead people. People I got to know and people I trusted. I guess they were all being used by Orochimaru. They probably didn't even know they were going to be killed. I ran away after I saw that. I just kept running and running until I couldn't run anymore. I think I was just outside the leaf village gates when someone found me. It was Kakashi, he was the one that found me. He took me to the Hokage and the Hokage gave me a room for free as long as I promised to go to the academy. Every night I would go outside, lay on the grass, and watch the stars. I know, not very exciting but I alway thought that the stars were actually departed souls," Keoko explained, "I thought that the stars were the ones that weren't ready to leave this world yet and that the moon was made up of the souls that have already moved on. I know, it's really stupid and-" she couldn't finish her sentence because she was interrupted by Keiko yelling at her.

"Don't say that! If you believe it, it's not stupid! You can believe what you want to believe, no matter what other people say!" Keoko was very surprised by this side of her new friend. She didn't expect her to say something like that. She was about to speak when she heard a knock on the door. Keoko got up and opened the door only to get glomped by Uryuu, her drama king teammate. She tried to push him off but he wouldn't budge.

"Keoko-chan!" Uryuu exclaimed as he hugged Keoko, "Why aren't you staying in our room with me and Dante?!?!" now he held her tighter and started crying, "Dante scares me!!! And I NEED you!!!"

"Get off me Uryuu!" Keoko yelled as she pushed her annoying teammate off her. She got up and brushed herself off leaving Uryuu crying on the floor. "Get up you baka," she said holding her hand out for him to take. He grabbed her hand, got up, and hugged Keoko again. Keoko was really annoyed now so she kicked him.

"OWWW!!! First you leave me alone to go eat ramen and now you're kicking me!! What's wrong with you today? You don't usually act like this. Are you feeling ok?" Uryuu asked putting his hand up to Keoko's forehead. She just pushed his hand away and walked to her bed.

"I'm fine Uryuu. Sorry about that, I'm just tired from the trip," Keoko said laying down and closing her eyes. A couple of minutes later she fell asleep, leaving Keiko and Uryuu standing there with nothing but the sound of the rain which had just started.

"Hi. I'm Keiko. You must be Keoko's other teammate, Uryuu right?" Keiko asked breaking the awkward silence.

"That is correct. Nice to meet you Keiko. I must be going now, I have a big day of training tomorrow," Uryuu said walking out the door to go back to his own room.