For the first time in awhile,
You really showed your face
You're true face
The one beneath the lies
And I was s.h.o.c.k.e.d.
How could you let yourself get that bad?
Your hair was uncombed
Your shirt was off
Jeans slung low
And you ran away
And so did your eyes
You avoided my gaze
I am not surprised anymore
Seems to fit you well
And on the outside
You used to be so
- s w e e t -
You were a candy-like addiction
My sweet tooth was aching to see your face
And when I saw you yesterday
For the first time
(I wondered why)
On the outside you are running
But h/i/d/i/n/g/
Only works for so long
I've decoded your message
Opened your mask
Stared you down.
You are scared


For once, I am seeing
The real you
From the outside,
I'm looking in
(even without your gaze)
Your avoiding tells
so much more.

You're not repenting
Not caring
The inside-out
I am over you.
There's nothing great anymore
Not even the outside look
is drawing me to the sour milk
And even though looks aren't everything
God showed me
(on the outside)
That you aren't even that great.

Run. Hide. Live. Learn.
Do whatever you need to.
Inside. Outside.
Destroy yourself.
(you know that's what you are doing)
Don't repent. Don't apologize.
(I know you don't mean it.)
you are only hurting yourself.

I said it once, and I'll say it again
I am way over you.