My parts are way too big
And my mind is way too small
My love is not enough
And my skills fall too short
Everything is not or too much
Too little, not enough
But it's not like I can help it
Some things will always be too much
(Like God)
He's u.n.f.a.t.h.o.m.a.b.l.e.
And some things will never be enough
(Like the size of my knowledge)
But in the long run,
None of this will matter
Not how long the earth has existed for
Nor the amount of stars in the sky
(or the measure of beauty on our person.)
For some pants will always be too big
Some bodies always too small
Some things never there
Some things always unfathomable
Never able to be understood
Or comprehended
Too big
Or too small
Too much
Or not enough
It's just a fact of life.
It's the way life is.
What is too much,
Balances with that that's not enough
They work together
Complete each other
It's about balance
That's life
Too big
Too small
And fairytales
Are all
It's just the way life is.