Make Me Swoon

Summary: He had the physical demeanor to make any girl with proper vision swoon. She was too busy swaying her hips to the beat to notice. What they didn't expect was to become caught in a tangle of truths and dares while sitting in an elevator.

Chapter One

A flicker of innocent mirth I caught in her stunning blue topaz eyes as I stared longingly across the crowded room. She had been sipping martinis all night with her equally carefree friends, but I wanted nothing more than to go over and swipe her off her feet.

Of course, I realize, that might be a bit challenging, seeing as how I don't even know her.

It just couldn't be helped, though, the immediate attraction I'd felt. She had such a dazzling aura about her that seemed to fill the room with her exquisiteness as soon as she made an appearance. From her flowing, wavy, chocolate brown hair to the stilettos she tried to balance her weight on, she was absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention she'd decided to wear the most revealing, yet non-sluttish dress I could've imagined a beautiful person like her getting away with.

I don't like my girls slutty, and she certainly wasn't. Although I could tell she had a tendency to drink quite a bit, she seemed to be as graceful as ever as she strutted out onto the dancefloor.

My cheeks went a bit rosy just glancing over at her divine figure, a figure for which I would happily die if I could just hold it in my arms. Even for one night.

I was spellbound, and I wouldn't be satisifed until I made my move. Or until she made her move. But neither was likely to happen, as she was a bit tipsy, and I…I would probably faint if I tried to move out of my chair. I already felt weak in the knees, and figured that if she even were to ask me to dance, I would have to feign non-interest.

Which was absurd, because if any guy turned down a chance to dance with such a beauty, he was obviously blind or clueless. And I was no dummy.

My attention to her was abruptly stolen for a minute, though, as I was playfully nudged in the ribs by none other than my best friend, Dante.

"You really should talk to her," I heard faintly. I licked my lips, noticing they had become a bit dry from all the fantasizing, and swiveled my body so that I could see him.

I had almost forgotten that he had accompanied me to this club. It was his twenty-second birthday, no less. I'm sure you can already tell what kind of best friend I am. Okay, I'll plead guilty, but only because I am so hopelessly in love-at-first-sight, and even if I got taken to jail for failure at being a good best friend, at least I would still have that pretty image in my head.

A little dramatic?


Eh, it happens. Especially when you're in a state of distracted oblivion.

"Dante, what are you talking about?" I stiffened, trying to regain my upright stature. Because of my current obsession, I seemed to have fallen into a slumped posture, leaning my elbows on the table.

"Oh, you know very well who I'm talking about," he smirked. He nodded his head over in her direction, but I forced myself with all of my will not to look. I couldn't help a sly smile from spreading across my face though.

"Aha! Yes, I believe you do know what I'm talking about," he claimed contentedly.

I leaned back in my chair and let out a tired sigh. A lot of wasted energy had gone into coming here and merely watching her. I indeed wanted more. She didn't seem to notice me at all, however, and that perhaps discouraged me a little. I may as well have been some invisible ghost, hovering in the quiet corner while she was undoubtedly the center of attention.

While I remained silent, he continued with, "Hey, if you don't make the move one of these days, I don't know if I can resist. She's a mighty fine sexy lady."

I rolled my eyes and sent him my best death glare, which was a warning he should definitely take to heart. I'd been known to be a little aggressive when it came to fighting for my women, and I certainly didn't want to have to take out my best friend over one.

Only joking. I would never behave violently…although there's a first for everything, as they say. Heaven knows I'd never felt this strongly for a female in the past…not to mention one I didn't even know. Other than her charming features and alluring dance moves, of course. Those I seemed to know all too well.

Mystery gal seemed to be the only one I'd ever thought about putting up a fight for, however. I didn't want her slipping away from me, and yet I didn't have the balls to go over to her. It frustrated me to the point of drinking, and I for one didn't like the stuff. My father had been an alcoholic before he passed away, and I promised myself I would never end up like he had.

Here is where I digress, though. Thinking about the past was simply too painful to bear.

My death glare was definitely received, and Dante put his hands in the air as to say "Okay, okay. I'll back off."

He smiled, slapped me on the shoulder, and waltzed off, no doubt to go and find some other female that was eligible for capturing.

Sure enough, there he was on the black and white checkered floor a few minutes later, arms wrapped around some auburn-haired babe who was gorgeous, but certainly not up to par with my girl of interest.

I chuckled lightly to myself. So Dante-like. He was never hesitant. Sometimes I wished to be more like him, but then I commended myself on having a little more respect. Dante wouldn't leave a girl alone until he had her in his bed, which I found disconcerting. I was a virgin, and was waiting until marriage, or at least until I was in love with the right girl.

And I was almost positive she was the right one. I couldn't imagine anyone else I'd want to be with.

Yes, you can "awww" now, if you'd like. Unless of course that's not your type of thing.

For all I knew, however, she could've had a boyfriend. Or a husband? I assumed she was around my age, twenty-three, but anything was possible. My brother had married a twenty-year-old the year before. And he's twenty-six.

As I grinned to myself at the memory of his crazy wedding (more on that later), I was unaware of a form standing behind me. I suddenly had this animal instinct that somebody was hovering over me, though, and when I turned around I nearly gasped in surprise.

There she stood.

She was slightly sweaty, but not so much that it would gross me out, and my nostrils took in a whiff of her fruity perfume. It smelled of strawberries and cream, a scent I'd always loved on a girl.

I blinked up at her, mentally kicking myself in the head for not being able to utter a word.

She smiled and I caught a glimpse of her brilliant white teeth. I couldn't even begin to imagine how she'd kept them so perfectly clean and almost blinding.

"Excuse me," she gasped, low on air from all of her bopping about, "but could I please have a sip of your water? I'm absolutely dying of thirst."

Water? I thought. Darling, you can have whatever you'd like!

"Uh s-sure," I stuttered, feeling like a fool.

She reached in front of me for the glass and her face became so close I could almost taste her lips on mine.

She gulped down several mouthfuls, and I just gazed at her as if she was the best thing I ever laid eyes on.

Which, of course, she was.

She slammed the glass down on the table when she finished, and I jumped, a little bit startled. Sheepish, I turned to face the remaining dancers, where Dante was now dancing with a blonde who whispered in his ear.

Hmm…wonder what was wrong with the other one.

I couldn't believe myself. Here I had her right at my table, borrowing my water, closer than I'd ever been to her, and I chose to look at and think about Dante.

Cue mental kick number two.

I turned to face her, but frowned when she was gone.

Great, totally blew any chance with her.

Not that I had one to begin with, anyway. She's probably way out of my league. Her father's probably some billionaire who gives her anything she wants.

But I shouldn't be so quick to judge. I used to think Dante was just some player who…oh wait, he was. Nevermind.

My eyes once again became fixed on the dancefloor, and yes, there she had returned. She slowly swayed her hips to melodic beat, seemingly in a world of her own, unfazed by anything going on around her. I was just pleased that no guy had attached himself to her waist. Maybe Dante had got the word out. But I doubt it, he'd been too busy going from one girl to another.

I thanked luck…and tried not to think about her having some absent significant other.

When my watch indicated that midnight had rolled around, the dancing bodies slowly began to make their way off the floor, until just one remained.

My girl.

She continued to dance to a tune that perhaps lived on in her head, and despite my fatigue I still couldn't pry my eyes off of her.

Dante and the blonde made their way over to our table.

"Hey man, I think I'm going to take Lainey here back to my place," he drawled with a wink. "You gonna be okay?"

I nodded my head slowly, and stood up. My legs were awfully cramped from sitting in the same position for such a long time. The walk home would be good for me.


I entered the elevator alone…or so I thought. I could barely keep awake and was suddenly regretting telling Dante that I would be okay getting home on my own. I was a little irate that he had the tendency to leave me for girls, but then I remembered it was his birthday. And that I'd forgotten to say it to him one last time.

Oh well, he can consider this my gift to him.

I intended to press 1 on the console, which would take me from the private club room on the fifth floor to the first floor where I would be able to exit onto the street.

As my finger reached for the button, I was suddenly aware of another finger heading for the same place. It was a feminine one, and our fingers kind of collided as we pressed on the button at the same time.

I followed the finger as it retreated back to the side of its owner, and when my eyes locked onto hers, brown met blue topaz.

I took a sharp intake of breath, and when the doors closed, we were completely alone.

The corners of her mouth drew into a broad smile, and I felt my heart beat ten times faster.

I couldn't get over how gorgeous she was.

"Oh, hi water boy," she said chirpily.

Great, I'm now officially water boy. Well, it's better than nothing, I suppose.

A polite "hello" was all I could get out. I was sure my nervousness showed, because she laughed lightly.

I could feel my face heating up as her eyes appeared to be roaming over my face. I wondered if she liked what she saw.

"You're cute," she stated confidently. "Want to play a game?"

I was shocked at her forwardness, and confused by her question. What kind of game were we supposed to play in an elevator?

"Um…sure. What kind of game?" I asked hesitantly.

"Truth or dare. I'll start. I dare you to press the STOP button," she said, motioning to said button on the panel.

"But we're in the middle of-" I began.

"I know we are," she said with a playful grin. "But haven't you ever wanted to be stuck in an elevator with a random stranger?"

She asked this like it was the most natural desire in the world.

Well, I had never thought about it before, but if this was who I was going to end up stuck in an elevator with, I wouldn't have wished for it any other way.

Slowly I felt my confidence coming back. It was time to get a grip on the situation.

"Oh yeah, totally. All the time," I answered.

She laughed again. I loved that laugh.

"Then press the button. Trust me, there's nobody left up there, and nobody will be wanting the elevator anymore tonight."

I trusted her and felt us come to an abrupt halt when my finger came off the button.

"Perfect," she said.

She took a seat on the cold elevator floor, and I followed suit.

"So. Your turn. Ask me anything you want." She beamed at me, and I smiled back at her.

This was bound to get interesting.

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