A lone figure stumbled on the side of the road. The sun blistering hot, baking the ground hard. In the distance a low rumbling could be heard and the lone figure faced the blurred image coming towards.

The truck driver spots the lone figure with thumb stuck out and slowed down eventually pulling just passed. The door was flung open.

The lone figure rushed and looked in

"How far you going" said the driver.

The lone figure peered up "as far as you can take me" came a meek, yet feminine voice.

The driver frowned and shrugged "git in love, I have a lot of traveling ahead"

The young girl climbs in and slumps exhaustedly into the seat glad for the cool cabin

"I'm Rory, what's yer name" the driver concerned the young girl was going to pass out

"I'm Soph…"clears her dry throat "I'm Sophie" she removed her hat and wipes her sweaty face

Rory looked over and eyes widen seeing the bruising on one side of her face, her arm all scratched up and her pants torn and leg bleeding slightly

"Jeezus what happen to you?"

Sophie said nothing at first. Rory reached behind and grabbed a large water container

"here looks like you could use a drink "

Sophie eagerly grabbed the bottle and drank, the water spilling down her chin. Rory also gave her a small bag.

"There some bandages and stuff, why don't you clean your self up a bit."

Sophie nodded and said little more.

After an hour silence Rory pursued again. "So what's a young girl doing all the way out in the middle of no where."

Sophie looked over and for the first time realized the raspy voice belong to a woman, solid in stature but couldn't tell how old since her face covered by a baseball cap. She wore old sleeveless shirt, shorts .

"you own this big truck" Sophie asked

Rory smiled "Hey I asked a question first" and nods "yes I do and now you answer mine"

"I'm backpacking, across the coast" said non enthusiastically

"oh well you picked the worse road to get a lift, not much traffic on this stretch."

Sophie nods and closes her eyes

"so what happen" Rory pushed

Sophie sighed coming to the conclusion she wasn't going to get any peace.

"I fell over, clumsy and the ground is very hard out here" her feeble excuse

Rory nodded "hmm and here I was thinking you had hitched a ride with someone and then decided to get out before the vehicle stopped"

Sophie glared "I'm fine" with that she put her wide brimmed hat down over her eyes. Rory shrugged and went back to watching the road.

Sophie woke to the feel of the big rig stopping. She looked at Rory. "oh is this the end of the line" she asked in a low nervous voice. She looked around at sign that read 'truckstop'

"Only if you want, for me I need lunch and stretch my back. You're welcomed to join me" invited Rory.

They walked in and Sophie excused herself to the toilet to freshen up. When she returned she helped herself to a glass of cold water and sat opposite Rory. Rory looked at her bruised face and clicked her tongue but added no comment.

The waitress arrived with a hamburger for Rory and put a plate to hot chips in front of Sophie

"umm no I didn't order"

"It's ok, I don't eat chips very often and you look like you could do with a feed" explained Rory

Sophie didn't know what to say

Rory laughed "honest, I'm getting a little big around the girth and in the best interest of my health and to stop my girlfriend nagging I'm off chips so eat."

"fanks" Sophie ate slowly dipping each chip into sauce.

Rory tried to talk to Sophie but was only getting one or two word answers. Rory got the feeling something bad had happened to the girl.

"I'm sorry I keep bombarding you with questions, its just I don't get to talk to many people on the road. Apart from the odd bored truckie on the radio it's just me talking to my rig."

Sophie half smiled and looked at the tired woman "Do you have a name for your rig"

Rory looked out at the big blue and red letters The Rory Express "hmmm Mack I guess"


"well its brand is Mack, so I guess Mack"

Sophie smiled but her eyes flashed terror when she looked out the window. Rory followed her gaze to see an old flat bed utility slide to a halt. Out jumped two guys, one really fat, gut over hanging his pants. The other tall and lanky. Rory bit into her hamburger and looked back at Sophie. She was no longer sitting opposite her and felt something curled up under the booth, pushed up against her leg.

Rory frowned and out corner of her eye saw the waitress pointing to her. She bit down into her hamburger again.

She smelt the stench a bad body odour and alcohol next to her. The fat guy leaned into her

"hey where's the young bird that was sitting here with yer" he drawled out.

Rory didn't say anything at first, just wiped her mouth with a napkin. "what's it to you" she asked flatly

The younger man moved in "look she's a friend and she's a bit lost out here. We just helping her out"

"hmmm" huffed Rory "so the bruises on her face " pauses Rory…. "your way of helping her out" Rory pushed

The big guys thumped the table hard almost knocking over Rory's drink. She slightly jumped and now looked at the men

"look sweet heart, we want no trouble, so be a darling" her grabbed at her shoulder squeezing it hard "and tell us where she's gone."

Rory flinched at the pain "she saw you and took off down the road" gritted out Rory.

The fat guy released Rory and looked at her scoffing. He then reached across and grabbed handful of chip stuffing them into his mouth "thanks darl" and they left.

Rory watched the utility drive off and jumped out of the booth. She reached under and dragged Sophie out

"cmon" she growled

"Don't, I don't want to go back"

"You're not, but we are leaving now, cmon" Rory's voice raised

Rory opened her door to her rig when there was cloud of dust and sound of grinding brakes. The utility had returned and both guys jumped out. The younger lad grabbing Sophie. Sophie shrieked, yelling.

Rory went over but the fat guy pulled out large crow bar and faced off Rory "now darl don't be silly. You don't want me to bust your clutch leg do you?"

Rory stopped and watched helplessly as Sophie was forced between the two guys in the utility and it sped off.

Sophie struggled as the young guy tried to subdue by kissing her, forcing a hand between her legs.

"stop it, let me go" she screamed, punching him

The big guy behind the wheel grabbed her face "shut up bitch, there are a lot of mines out here. We couldn't easily drop you down and no one would ever find you."

The young guy ripped Sophie's shirt, Sophie broke down and cried while both guys laughed. Their vehicle then unexpectedly jolted forward and the fat guy looked in his rear vision mirror. All he could see was the grill of the large rig barrelling down on them.

"fucking hell she's crazy" spat the fat guy.

The vehicle jolted again as Rory pushed into it.

The young guy looked over his shoulder "fuck Rick step on it well yer" he yelled

"fuck off, that thing has 5 more gears than mine"

Rory looked down at the vehicle she was chasing and moved to overtake driving level with the utility. The utility started to pull away so Rory pulled over and tapped the back of their vehicle. The force drove it off course and it ran off the road and started to slide sideways.

The fat guy tried desperately to prevent the vehicle from flipping, Sophie screamed.

Rory saw the vehicle slide and slammed on her brakes cause the rig to slide along until it eventually stopped down the road. She reversed slightly and got out.

The utility blew a tired and it eventually came to a stop. The young guy face was bleeding from hitting his head on the side of the window, he was groaning.

Rick looked over and swore "fucking fat bitch" he grabs Sophie by the hair "when I'm done with your friend, I'll be back to finish you off."

He climbed out and spotted Rory coming towards him. He grabbed his crowbar and smacked it into his hands. As he went to confront the truckie Rory raised her arm and the large boom echoed. Rick dived to the ground and covered his head, metal ricocheted next to him

Rory continued to point her sawn-off shot gun at Rick.

"holy fuck" said the young guy still in the utility. Sophie was shaking, tears falling

Rick was trying to crawl away when Rory kicked him over and stood over him, the gun pressed against the side of his head

"please don't, don't kill me." He begged

"shut your fucking mouth" ordered Rory, her face red and eyes glazing. She precede to the utility and looked in

"get out" she gritted

Neither moved so Rory went to the passengers side and yanked the door open dragging the young man out

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry" he kept babbling.

Rory took the butt of her gun and smacked him over the head, he fell to the ground withering in pain, crying.

Rory hissed at Sophie "get in my rig" she ordered, she looked to see if the fat guy had moved and noticed Sophie didn't move

Sophie was terrified and didn't know if she was getting into worse trouble.

"Sophie" lowered Rory's voice "get into my rig now" nods her head towards it.

Sophie moves slowly and runs off. Rory hears the sound of rig door closing and looked at them both. One still clutching his head in pain the other had a wet stain at his crotch area.

Rory moves away from the utility and aims near the fat guy pulling the trigger. The guy screams out as the sound of air escaping from another tyre. The fat guy crawled away.

Rory breathing heavily her hand shaking opens the barrel of her shot gun and removes the two spent cartridges and digs into her pocket and removes two more. She cocks it and shoots twice at the utility, the radiator explodes and water runs out.

Rory gets into her rig and slams the door. She puts the shot gun under her seat. She looks over at Sophie who was pale and shaking. Rory starts the truck and drives off.

Neither spoke for an hour. Rory would glance over to Sophie who was still rigid in the corner of her seat. Rory bit her lip and cleared her throat "It's ok Sophie, you're safe"

Sophie didn't acknowledge at first, she then cleared her throat "Rory…. thanks for coming after me" Sophie broke down.