Next morning Rory was up eating breakfast while reading the paper. Cheryl walked out and poured some coffee. "hun what's the matter"

Rory didn't look up "nothing…why"

"well..its just usually when you come home" half laughed Cheryl "well usually we're up half the night making love"

Rory looked up and shrugged "Like I said I was tired." Her attention diverted when Cheryl phone began buzzing on the counter.

Cheryl looked down and frowned.

"answer it" said Rory flatly

Cheryl picked it up and moved outside. Rory scoffed knowing it was probably one of her flings. Cheryl returned and sat next to her girl friend.

"so when's the next Rory express taking off"

Rory looked up in surprise "you want me gone already" she growled

Cheryl eyes surprised by Rory's tone "no honey…. I didn't mean that"

"whatever" growled Rory

"Rory what the hell has gotten into you. You're never this cranky" the pending fight was broken by knock at the front door.

"I'll get it" Cheryl walks off

Rory smacks the bench with her hand in frustration.

"Rory" started Cheryl

Rory looks up "what"

"there a young girl at the door, she said"

"hey Rory" came a cheerful voice from behind Cheryl

Rory froze and Cheryl turned around "I asked you to wait at the door"

Sophie smiled "what you forgotten me already, shame on you and after everything we've been through."

Rory swallowed and shook her head.

"Rory who is this girl" said Cheryl in a high pitch tone

Rory still stunned "ummmm" staring in disbelief at Sophie

"I'm Sophie, I hitched a ride with the Rory express" winked at Rory which wasn't missed by Cheryl.

"fuck sake Rory will you say something" demanded Cheryl

"well, um she needed a lift" stuttered Rory

"you never pick up hitch-hikers you promised" whined Cheryl

"well, yeh its just she was in a bit of trouble" feeling herself getting deeper into dilemma

Sophie watches in amusement of Rory handling the situation. Rory glared at Sophie who now realised it was payback for the electrical fence prank.

"Sophie I think you should go" said Rory serious tone

"you heard her kid, out" pushed Cheryl

"you can't tell me after 5 nights together that its over, come on I maybe young but I'm not stupid"

Rory went quiet again

"what is she talking about" demanded Cheryl

Sophie faced Cheryl "sex... every night... actually no it was every morning, 5 am sharp, right Rory. Who could have thought sex at 5am could be so invigorating for the day."

"huh, sex" Cheryl glares at Rory

Rory backed away and put hand through her hair

"Sophie" pleads Rory

"I know and I still owe you for that damn clock I broke too" laughs Sophie

Cheryl exploded "you cheated on me, you fucking bitch. I stay at home worrying and you are cheating on me with a teenager."

"I'm 21 next week" announced Sophie

Cheryl faces Sophie "I don't fucking care you will get from my house now"

"oh come off it, if cheating was an Olympic sport you'd win the gold medal" scoffs Sophie

Rory tried to hold back a grin as Sophie berated Cheryl

"what" said Cheryl

"there wasn't one person last week that had a nice word to say about you" Sophie faces Rory again. " and Rory you are just the best , you don't need to put up with being treated like that by her…" points to Cheryl

"get her out now Rory, I want her out" screams Cheryl

Rory didn't move just stared at Sophie. Sophie stepped forward and pulled out the brindle bouncing head dog.

"Max misses Nero" said Sophie "I know it was only 1 night, but he whimpered all night for you"

Rory looked at the dog and touched his head "yeh Nero was the same."

"what the fuck, get out or I'll call the cops." Yelled Cheryl

Sophie looked back at Cheryl and clicked her tongue in disapproval and Rory could no longer hold back a laugh.

"pack your bags" said Rory looking at Sophie and paused

Cheryl gloated "she told you girl, git going"

Sophie waited on the pause and looked at Cheryl. "I think she was referring to you" said Sophie with confidence

Cheryl looked at Rory who was now looking at her. "I want you out Cheryl, I've had enough.. Leave my house."

"you're not serous" whines Cheryl

Sophie looks at Rory's frown and faces Cheryl "yep she is, that's the look you get if you keep her waiting when she has a schedule to keep."

Rory and Sophie look at each other saying nothing until they hear the slamming of the front door.

Rory breathed "oh my god, I can't believe,... I just threw my girl friend out." Panics Rory as it all hits

Sophie sits up on the bench and pat Max "Rory"

Rory walks over and stands in front of Sophie "yeh"

"I love you"

Rory smirks "after 5 nights" says in disbelief

"no second night together, when you wouldn't have sex with me." She looks at Rory "and I know you wanted to."

Rory blushed

you said you did everything out of the kindness of your heart. That's when I fell for you, I knew you were special and I know you're the one for me."

"ok…" Rory didn't know what to say

Sophie wrapped arms around Rory, "any way just cos it took you until our last night together to figure out you loved me."

"How did..." started Rory

Sophie laughed "that night in the paddock you never kissed me like that before, I saw the fear when you realized that you felt more for me."

Rory shrugged and leaned in to kiss Sophie. Sophie resisted playfully but eventually gave in and kissed Rory with all she could deliver. Rory broke and nibbled at her neck and kissed her shoulder while her hands slowly rubbed over Sophie's body.

Sophie moaned and held Rory's head to her "Rory…. Can we" stuttered Sophie

Rory drifted her lips across Sophie, her tongue flicking as she nibbled Sophie's chin

"hmm can we what Soph" Rory still lightly touching Sophie knowing she craved more

"can we pretend its 5 am" snatched kiss from Rory

Rory smiled and lifted her up heading off to the bedroom "sweetie from now on every hour can be 5 am"

The end