My Guardian Angel

Chapter 14

Dakari's POV

"Dakari… Dakari, wake up!" I opened my eyes as a voice called me, only to find myself floating in a white space. I turned around. The room was no familiar place. Where was I? Suddenly, two figures took form. They were my father and mother!

"King Azibo, Queen Sagira, where am I?" I asked, trembling a bit.

"Our son, you are in the Lost Kingdom," answered my mother.

"The Lost Kingdom?" I repeated.

"The Lost Kingdom is a place in which all the souls of the ones who have died gather together," explained my father. "In this place, the souls are given the chance to go to Heaven or Hell."

"Wait, where is she?!" My parents looked at me confusingly.

"Eberia, she died! She's supposed to be here also, right?! Where is she?!" I shouted, about to start crying again.

"I'm here, my angel." I slightly gasped and turned to my back, seeing how a familiar silhouette took form. Its eyes were red and its hair was short and black.

"E- Eberia?" I asked happily. The figure nodded, and I ran towards her, hugging her as her arms came in contact with mine.

"Dakari…" she said, her head pressed against my chest. "You didn't have to kill yourself."

"I wanted to be with you. I only cared about that." I looked at my parents.

"Mom, dad, I know that our rules say that we cannot befriend a demon, but Eberia is different! The only thing that differences her from an angel is the color of her wings! It's not fair that only because Yatsushi initiated a war we have to live apart from the demons!" I replied, not waiting to their response. "I love her." They turned to each other, then at me again.

"We're really proud of you, son," said the queen. "This girl sacrificed her own life to save yours. She deserves our trust, and your love."

Eberia's POV

As the queen finished talking, I felt someone's hand in my shoulder. I turned back to see my brother. A tear ran down my cheek and I hugged him.

"Don't be sad, sister. I had to eventually die, didn't I?" he said. "You did a great job, Eberia. I know our mother is really proud of you." I gasped, and then Gahiji turned me to the left, a familiar figure appearing in front of us. It was my mother… my real mother! Both my brother and I ran to hug her. She tightly embraced us.

"Mom, what happened with you?" I asked, crying.

"Eberia, my daughter, you must not depress because of this. When you were younger, Rasui was under a great attack. Your father and I knew that you would survive if we sent you to Earth, so that's what we did," she said. "Unfortunately, we weren't able to share your fate." She turned to Dakari.

"I'm glad you followed your heart, my daughter. And I know you'll live very happily with this angel," said mom turning at me and then to Gahiji. "My son, thanks for keeping your promise of protecting your sister." Gahiji nodded. The three of us pulled apart.

"Now, your father and I must leave." After she said this, the queen disappeared, and Gahiji did soon afterwards. I turned to Dakari and he turned to me.

Dakari's POV

I felt sad for Eberia. She had seen her mother after more than 10 years only for an instant. I wished I could have done something. I murmured something to my mother, and she and father agreed. I walked towards Eberia and took her hands on mine.

"Eberia, mighty Princess of Rasui, would you be my queen?" She smiled.

"Dakari, mighty Prince of Habibah, if I have to be your queen in order to be with you, I joyously accept." We embraced each other, and as we both appeared, alive, in Habibah, our lips met in a kiss. Suddenly, we were standing in front of all the angels and demons in our world.

"Now you will replace us as King Dakari and Queen Eberia," said my father, he and mother vanishing.

"My first order as the new king is that angels and demons will live in one same place again as we used to be a hundred years ago!" Everyone clapped and thanked me as if they had wished this moment for their whole lives. But the only thing that mattered to me back then: was that Eberia was there, by my side, and that we would be together… forever.

(5 years later…)

I was walking worriedly in circles around a big table as the three archangels looked at me.

"King, could you please stop doing that? I'm getting all dizzy!" protested Gabriel.

"I can't!"

"Majesty, don't worry, everything will be fine!" said Uriel. The silence around us suddenly broke when we heard a cry. No, there were two different cries. A nurse came into the room from the one next.

"You can come in now, Majesty," she said. I followed her through the room and she led me to a bed where my beautiful queen, Eberia, was resting on, eyes closed. She opened them, looked at me, and smiled. I smiled back and kissed her forehead. I turned to another archangel, Michael, who was holding two babies in his arms.

"Congratulations, your highness," he said. "The queen has given birth to the new prince and princess of Hasui." Michael put the girl in my arms and the boy in Eberia's. God, both were so gorgeous.

"How are we gonna call them?" asked Eberia. I thought for a moment.

"There are so many names I would want to call them," I said, "but I guess we can mix them up. What do you think about Karaiji and Medela?" Both names were formed of parts of names from friends and family who had died before. "Ka" was from Kaiser, "-rai" was from Garai, and "-ji" was from Gahiji, while the other was "Me" from Mesket and "-dela" from Adela. Eberia smiled again and kissed Karaiji's forehead.

Eberia's POV

The names of our children reminded me so much of my parents, of my brother, of many people that had helped us in the past. I was glad Dakari had remembered them all.

"I love them," I said. "Thank you." There was no doubt about it.

Dakari was, indeed, my guardian angel.

The End

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