While cleaning my, in my opinion, an already clean living room. I came across my mothers AARP magezine. It was open to a page displaying a large statment: "Life After Death; Asking 50 people what they beleive after a person dies". I have thoughfully decided to display what I thought happened after death.

If life is what you make of it, than so is death. If you believe in reincarnation then you will die and come back. If your particular religion calls for some hereafter then your free to go there when you die.

We aren't all going to just one place, its the place you think you'll go. Catholics all care about avioding the burning fires of hell and purgatory. You shouldn't be caring that much about the place you dont want to go, instead focus on the right way to go. Cast aside thoughts of hell and believe, really believe in your heaven. You just might get there.

There are people who believe that they will be reincarnated. Some believe that what they do in life affects what they come back as. That wouldn't bother me too much, then I could see life from many points of veiw. But once through life, and then utter happiness sounds pretty darn good to me.

My hereafter consists of my own certain creation. Its like the heaven depicted everywhere, well its in the sky. Just so I can gaze down at earth. It's a vast garden, filled with every flower on earth and of my own creation. there's also a sea, a huge stretch of land filled with sparkling freshwater. Every one I love would be there. they wouldnt really be there, they have their own heaven to go to. not everyone's heaven is the same.But they would be there in essence you could say.

So while I may not be right, and while your opinion may be different. At least I can stay optimistic. May you find your hereafter. Once you've found life of coarse.