Chapter 8

Bolivar grasped Faith's hand as he pulled her around the nearly deserted streets. They had decided it would be best to start at the scene of the most recent crime. As he led her down the familiar streets Faith began to realize where they were headed.

"Wait" she said, stopping dead in her tracks, Bolivar stumbled slightly as she pulled him back. "Where are we headed?" she asked, hoping she didn't already know the answer.

"It's just a little park over this way... now come on!" Bolivar said in an irritated voice, starting to pull her along the dirt path again.

Faith held her ground, keeping a tight grasp around Bolivar's wrist. "I've been there before! I've hunted near here and brought boys to the park!"

Bolivar's green eyes widened "You've got to be kidding me" unexpectedly he burst into a sprint, dragging Faith behind him until she got her footing and began to run herself "We've gotta get there now!"

Within a minute they stood outside the park, without a word they both disintegrated and flew into the night sky, Faith had no way of knowing where Bolivar was, except the faint scent she'd come to recognize. Unfortunately, as they approached the lights of the cop cars, the scent seemed to come from everywhere. Faith could not detect exactly where Bolivar was.

When she was finally drifting over the playground, which was roped off with yellow caution tape, she got her first glimpse of the body. At first, she didn't recognize the boy, but as she lowered her mind began to rush.

On the jungle gym steps, lay a tall, dark haired corpse. The corpse of Mike, the boy she'd met a few nights before in the club. His skin was almost translucent and turning a sickeningly pale green. His fragile neck was twisted awkwardly to one side, and his throat had been sliced were Faith assumed his murder had bit him, then used a knife to hide the fang marks. In disgust, Faith floated higher, she couldn't bare to see such an awful scene.

She let herself drift back to the street where she had last seen Bolivar, but she remained dust, waiting for his scent to come before she brought herself together again. It was hard to stay in one place while she was dust, her body tried to pull itself together but she refused to let it. It was a highly uncomfortable state to be in and she hoped he would return soon.

Faith sniffed the air impatiently, searching for the now familiar vampire scent. For the first few minutes she smelled nothing, but soon the smell filled her, as if she had a nose. With a sigh she let her body drift together "Bolivar! What took you so long?" she said, looking towards were she thought he must be, where the scent was the strongest. Faith rolled her eyes "Look, they're not going to see you, just give it up."

"Give what up?" his voice came from behind her, about 20 feet back and she spun to face him. "I went to the other side of the park to check things out and then ran back here."

Faith looked back to where she had smelled the vampire, but whoever had been there before was gone now. "Bolivar, someone's watching us! The murder is around here somewhere!"

"What?" Bolivar sniffed the air all around him, "how do you know? I don't smell anything." he looked anxiously up and down the park "Is it human?"

"No, it's vampire, it smelled like you and my sister do to me, even I can tell a human when I smell one." She looked around to, as if the vampire would be stupid enough to show himself to both of them. "Whoever it is knows what they're doing though."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Bolivar asked, raising an eyebrow and making brief eye contact with her before shifting back to looking for traces of the killer.

"Don't you see Bolivar?" Faith stuttered, who ever did this hasn't taken their eyes off of me in quite some time. That boy in the park, I fed from him a few nights ago!"

"You're joking" he straightened up and ran a hand through his long brown hair. "We need to hide some place."