Love Passion Pain

Day after day, a longing fate
I wander a dark road
So cold and alone;
But I see the emittance
Of your light;
I wish you would come
To blanket my life,
To have made this wait worthwhile.

Everything feels right in silence
But when voiced, it's worth than death
I struggle within
Do I tell you?
Can I resist loves passionate pain?

I am the prince of cold lust
But I don't feel good enough
Not even human as I write this;
My feelings for you are wrong
And this unbearable pain
I should not have to feel.

My blood is black with secrets
All the pain that should not be sold
And if I gave my heart to you
Would you ever give it back
To let me go?

Nothing but the pain of love ruins me
Turns my heart to dust and fades away
The salty tears dry before they hit the floor
Because you're not there to catch them.