Face the Facts

It is hard for me to let go,

To accept that fate is cruel,

That the one I love,

Is not the one for me.

It is time for me to move on,

Seek another heart to hold.

Another hand to clench,

To rid my memory of you.

It may not be happening,

But did you have to shut me out?

I was once a great friend,

You said so yourself.

Does it have to be this way?

In taking the chance,

I accept the outcome.

When I will accept it is yet to come,

But it will come.

I cannot feel right now,

My heart is numb, my eyes are dry.

I have given out to you,

Got cold rejection in return.

I cannot accept your answer now.

Give me the time, as I gave you.

I let you have me as a friend,

I waited to tell you my secret

As to not ruin a friendship,

One I thought would last.

I hope you see how torn, I have made myself.

I cannot blame you, for something I have done.

I feel responsible, for telling you at all.

I wish I kept it longer,

I was happy just being near you.

I could pretend that I had you,

When I could at least talk to you.